May 28, 2010

Please, Let Me Explain...

All photos used with the gracious permission of
Jan Moore, owner of Bessie Mary blog and shop

I feel the need to explain why you haven't seen the
baby bonnet for Liam's christening gown ensemble yet.
Really, I have a good reason.

I laid out all the fabric I had saved for this project before
I started cutting any of the garment pieces from it.
I was sure I'd be able to squeak a matching baby bonnet
from what I had. I was wwr...wwr...wrong.
There, I've said it.
I. Was. Wrong.

I contacted the Tampa shop (Couture Fabric and Designs)
where I purchased the original fabric in the champagne color,
and sweet Sandy asked me to send a sample to her to be sure
we matched it. I sent the sample off that day and she
called me back first thing Tuesday morning to tell me she'd
have the fabric in her shop by Wednesday
and would send it back out to me right away.
I'm still waiting for it.
I have enough fabric from the original project to make
most of the bonnet from what I had, but I need
just a tad more to be able to finish it. I hope it arrives tomorrow.
I'd really like to make the bonnet by the end of the weekend
and share my finished ensemble with you.
I know that you're loving the sweet bonnets I've
shared with you today. They're quite sweet, aren't they?
Click on Jan's header image above to visit her
beautiful and inspirational blog.
This is one talented lady, and if you have a new baby
in your family or your future, please visit her shop,
Bessie Mary
to see more of her lovely offerings.

Thank you, Jan, for allowing me to use your images,
and to crow about your breathtaking talent, too!

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Simple Southern Happiness said...

She sure does have talent, those bonnets are lovely.

I hope you get your fabric too, I know what it is like to what to complete a project and you have to wait. Well be sure to keep watch for your post.

Jane said...

The bonnets you pictured were beautiful and I'm sure yours will be just as lovely. The christening gown was amazing so I know the bonnet will be too. I hope the fabric arrives for you soon.
Have a great weekend.

Jan said...

Thank you for all the kinds words, Donna. I do adore baby bonnets!
Hope there is a package of fabric in your mail today. I can't wait to see Liam's special bonnet!

Michelle May said...

Oh man I hate it when I run out of fabric. The bonnet is going to be adorable.


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