May 3, 2010

Get Your Motor Running...

Brynwood is going to be on auto pilot for a few days.
Handsome and I are rolling out the bikes for Hog Valley, FL (near Ocala).
He was there years ago and got t-shirts for the boys when they were little.
Time to get some big kid t-shirts now!

Let's see...
  • Biker luggage packed...check!
  • Leather jacket and chaps...check!
  • "Sensible" riding boots for a long trip...check!
  • Rain gear...check!
  • Riding helmet...check!
  • (and a bunch of other maintenance stuff)...check!
  • one ticked off ol' yellow Labrador (not going along)...Oh, so, CHECK!
Don't worry...she'll be enjoying the next few days, too.
Trust me. She gets spoiled rotten when we leave her behind!
I'll have some posts for you while I'm away, and
I'll be able to read all your comments on my Blackberry,
but I won't be able to write messages to you (unless you
leave your edress for me) until I get back on Friday.
Hope y'all miss me!
By the way...I guess I never actually told you that the beautiful bird in my previous post was a male all his glory. We first saw him on the road, stopped the car and I jumped out to take his photo. He wasn't alarmed at all. He just sauntered on his the opposite direction, so all I got was a photo of those impressive tail feathers. Sorry I omitted the "basic bird-type information" in my earlier message.

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Createology said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip. Enjoy every moment. Happy trails...

Simple Southern Happiness said...

Have a good ride, come home safe and sound. That will be one happy puppy when you get home.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Poor, poor neglected Kes! ;-)

Y'all have fun. Be safe!


Mandy said...

Have a lovely trip.

Andi's English Attic said...

Have a great trip. xx

DeeDee said...

Hafe a vabulous trip, will see you upon your return....Love the peacock so beautiful ....where are those sexy boots ?

Marydon Ford said...

Sweet Donna, have a wonderful & safe trip. Wish it were me with the wind whipping around me ...

Just wish to let you know that when we had our tea gathering here in MD a couple weeks ago, every loved/commented on your beautiful creations you have shared with me.
Thank you so much.

Hugs, Marydon

Michelle May said...

Road trip! Oh how I love a road trip! I know you got those sexy boots with ya too! ;) Yeah baby!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Have a wonderful trip! How fun!
Ya know, I was just admiring your pillows and then the mail shows up! What a wonderful surprise! I said "no way, giggle, unbelievable". You are so sweet, honestly, I don't know what to say, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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