April 18, 2010

A Travel Day For Some...

(photograph taken by a professional gallery in MN)
My loving brother, Lydell and his family...
wife, Jennifer and sons, Lydell III and Westyn.

Yesterday was a travel day for them. They had to be at Ft. Myers airport
by 1:30 to turn in their rental car - and then wait until 6 pm to board
a flight back to Minnesota. A long day for them, to be sure.

It was so wonderful to have them here in Florida for Mum and Burt's
beautiful beach wedding. We were able to visit and spend time together.
Handsome and I were able to see what thoughtful and remarkable
sons my brother and sister-in-love have raised. We're blessed, for sure.

Tears were shed when they left. We miss them already.
It's hard when there is fifteen hundred miles between our homes.

Sunday was a day of travel for them...and a day of rest for us.
Mum and Burt are at their beach cottage,
all the rest of our family has returned to their homes and
Handsome, Kes and I are home together.
Today, I'll be spending some time in the studio and
I'll have some new things to share with you very soon.
I've added a Flickr album to share more wedding photos with you.
Just click HERE to see them.

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nancy huggins said...

Lovely picture and lovely looking family..I hate flying because of the waiting time..as bad as having a Dr appointment...just hurry up and wait :)

Mandy said...

A lovely photograph. It sounds as if you had a really wonderful time together.

beth said...

Ah it is hard to come down after such a great weekend. I am always the same way! Looks like it was a fabulous time and you were a wonderful hostess!

Snap said...

What a special memory and family you have! Beautiful. I wanted you to know that I received the wonderful book mark and finally got a post on my blog about my winnings. Thanks again, Donna. You are a gem.

Shirley said...

The time always seems to go by so fast when you get together with family. Yours was such a special time and I thank you for sharing your pictures with us. Your mom was a beautiful bride and the dress was beautiful. Your Missouri Friend

Michelle May said...

A beautiful family girlfriend. I can't get over how much you and your mum look alike. It's amazing! Such beautiful ladies.

I'd be taking a big fat nap in the studio after all that excitement. Heck with sewing! hee,hee,hee.

Prince said...

Thanks for everything Sis. We had a Blast. Mom's day was perfect, and that's the only thing that matters!
God Bless You and Stephen.
+ <>< +

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Donna! I loved that you let us all share in your mum's wedding day! Everything looked so beautiful. The love you poured into making it all so special, will warm the hearts of all who were there as they look back at that special day! Now it's time for a rest! xoxo Paulette


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