April 7, 2010

Sometimes, You Need To Be Flexible...

I don't mean like Mary Lou Retten. I mean, flexible in one's thinking.

Here's a perfect example. Last week, I showed you the wedding gown fabric and trim. It wasn't just any ol' trim. It was the "perfect" trim. Yes. Until Tuesday.

I told you I made the four hour round trip back to Tampa to purchase more fabric. I didn't run out. I made a mistake, and then I ran out. (I know. Gasp! I made a "mistake". giggle) I actually made all those scrumptious silk charmeuse roses with just enough fabric to make sleeves...until I had to make sleeves...and fix a mistake on the bodice lining. Rats! Not enough fabric to do both! So, back to Tampa I went.

I looked at that yummy train with those roses, and using the sparkly trim just didn't seem appropriate anymore. I needed something more elegant. What I found was theee. most. elegant. trim. Pearls. Beach-theme wedding. Pearls. Perfect! No, this time, the trim really was perfect! So, I purchased more fabric and this trim and headed back home.
Yesterday, I fixed the bodice lining, installed the zipper and finished the inside of the dress. Then, I spent hours stitching TPT (The Perfect Trim) to the bottom of the train (shown in these photos). After that, I cut and pieced some of the trim to stitch to the front of the gown. I worked for nearly twelve hours yesterday and really needed to stop for a while. I'm so close to being finished, but not close enough to show you the final photos.

Today, I'll finish trimming out the front, and then add a little trim to the sleeves and attach the train to the back of the gown. The only task that will be left is hemming, which I'll do after the bride puts the gown on for her final fitting early next week. I promise gown photos for you tomorrow. So, tell me. Do you agree? Isn't this TPT?

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Linda said...

Can't wait to see this dress. That is TPT!!! I completely agree...photos I await the photos!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Donna, I sooo agree, this is TPT!!! It's just beautiful!
The wedding dress sounds so wonderful, I can't wait to see! I'm sure all the hours and hours you're putting into it will show, and it will be extra special gorgeous!
xoxo Paulette ;)

Debra@Common Ground said...

I'm here catching up, since Easter or before, Hard to keep up with you girl. Making fabulous wedding dresses, and yes it is TPT! to lounging in the Holidome. How wonderful is that? I've seen these down your way. Makes sense...no bugs or critters. For the first few years we had trouble with chipmunks in ours... need I say more? Horrible...now we line the pool rim with brick pavers and no more tragedies.
Can't wait to see your finished dress, it really it lovely!
big hugs,

TinyBear said...

Can´t wait to see the final dress. It looks fantastic Donna. That trim is soooo beautiful.
~ Tina

te_roti said...

Yep, it sure is TPT.


Carol said...

Yes Donna, I agree it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished gown.

Jane said...

I'm in awe with your patience to take on such a big, important project. You are my hero!!
My mother made several wedding dresses when I was growing up. She had a little sewing business in our house to bring in extra income. I can still remember the parade of people coming over for their fittings. She still has a small box of fabric and trimmings from some of these dresses.
I can't wait to see the finished dress!

Claudia said...

That is the perfect trim! Gorgeous. You amaze me. I am in awe of your making a wedding dress. I truly can't wait to see the finished product!


Gwen in Michigan said...

It truly IS the TPT, Donna. Everything happens for a reason. When I think of a beach, I think of sea shells and sea shells produce pearls, in a sense. Sure looking forward to seeing the unveiling. (No pun intended.)

Gwen in Michigan

The French Bear said...

Donna, it is incredible!!! You are sooooo talented, I love it!!!!
Margaret B

Shelly said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the final dress!

It makes me want to break out the sewing machine again! I've made a couple wedding dresses. Love working with those yummy fabrics and trims!

Thanks for sharing!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

It looks just gorgeous!

Myrna said...

Hiya Donna! Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments and Birthday wishes..you are entered in my giveaway!
Oh my! you do lovely work..beautiful blog, too!

Maggey and Jim said...

Isn't it wonderful when you find the perfect finish..Can hardly wait to see the gown..Incredible...

Pink Heather said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished dress. I'm sure it will be perfect!

West Side of Straight said...

Beautiful Trip - yes TPT! I'm wating also to see the finished Gown and Train. Lucky girl that gets to wear it!

Doni said...

Oh I agree, it IS the perfect trim! So beautiful! It will gleam from a distance too...
Hmmm, maybe you bought enough extra to use on some of your beautiful creations?? I know I would have!!!
Take a nice hot bath with lots of bubbles tonite so you will relax after all that stitching!!
Great find and I'm anxious to see the dress. I know the bride will be thrilled to pieces over how beautiful it turns out!

Terri said...

Totally the perfect trim! Some times when things don't go right ...they end up going even better that right!
Look forward to seeing the dress in all it's glory when you post it.

Meri Wiley said...

Dear Donna,

It is indeed TPT, but then with you making it, how could it be anything less? You've done a stunning job and I'll be waiting to see the final dress.


PeggyR said...

Oh I bet it is beautiful! My blog said there was a finished picture of it, but when I clicked on it, there was none to be found! I'm anxious to see it!

Michelle Palmer said...

I KNOW this must be gorgeous! :)

My daughter is standing over my shoulder reading along~ she saw the photo of your "Handsome" and said, "he's a percussionist just like dad!" However... my fella doesn't wear a "handsome" suit! ha! ha! Our teen son is a very talented percussionist, dancer etc, too! Our daughter (artistic! bass player and trumpet...)
Hope your evening is wonderful~

Denise said...

I think you are a wonder woman...beautiful! Thank you for the birthday wishes, celebrating 30/50/75 next week with family. Rest up!


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