April 11, 2010

A Gift From The French Bear...

You know how there are the most generous souls out in Blogland? I know you've probably already met at least one of those angels who likes to send you a smile from time to time..."just because".

I can tell you that there are wonderful women with whom I've corresponded since I started blogging. We just seemed to "click". Women with whom I've exchanged gifts and thoughts on our lives.

I won't embarrass them by mentioning them in this message to you today, but I post about them from time to time, and share their gifts to me unless they ask me not to, of course.

My latest gift came from my friend in Canada. As she is getting ready to fly to Cuba to celebrate her stepdaughter's wedding, she took the time to send off a gift to me!

How did she know that I've fallen in love with Michelle Palmer's work? How could she have known that I've been purchasing some of Michelle's beautiful images, with plans for projects just swimming in my head? I know she didn't know that I had recently commissioned Michelle to create a small collection just for me...beautiful squirrels, and my beloved acorns and oak leaves? Why, I hadn't told a single, solitary soul.

But I opened an envelope on Saturday, to find a sweet card from Margaret B. from The French Bear, and inside...an acorn and vintage buttons, created and packaged by Michelle, the "Arteest" herself!

When I took this photograph, one of my little squirrels just had to get into the act!

I know that I'm not the only person to know Margaret's generosity first-hand, and I'm positive many of you already visit her beautiful blog. Such a soothing and creative place to visit!

I am so grateful for these friendships - sans gifts - but to know that someone took the time to shop just for me, and to then send me a gift is humbling beyond words. Thank you, Margaret for your Random Act of Kindness. Thank you so much! I love it!

Safe travels, my friend. Have a wonderful time celebrating, and then hurry back home.

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Createology said...

What a treasured friend to send you such a lovely gift. I too love Michelle Palmer's drawings. Happy creating...

TinyBear said...

I love Michelles work too - have to order some pieces too.
What a great gift - Margaret is just the sweetest
xo Tina

Claudia said...

Now that is a lovely friend! Michelle is very talented. I'm so glad your friend thought of you!

The Rustic Victorian said...

How fun the mail is on those days! What a thoughtfull friend.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

What a charming drawing! Margaret is such a sweet lady!

DeeDee said...

Donna....oh Donna...I too have been stricken by a special friend gift...or prize I should say..I returned from my vaction and small surgery to find my book marker in my pile of mail.....I just love it...thanks so much and I love your little squirell with his acorn art work....

I am back and doing werll so will be catching up on back posts real soon..

thanks again...it is as special as my needle keep

Denise Marie said...

what a great gift and I'm not surprised. What would we do without each other?

Sharon said...

Ah what a great friend and gift. I too have been collecting Michelle's wonderful art. So far 2 ducks , 1 chickadee and one baby robin. She really captures them beautifully.

Jane said...

What a perfect, thoughtful gift. I would agree that there are wonderful friendships to be made with our blogging buddies.

nancy huggins said...

Isn't it just so cool how a small package in the mail can make the sun come out on a gloomy day? It is also interesting that we both love anything to do with nature and I have it all over my house and it is such a nice feeling when you look at something no matter how small and know the person that sent it was thinking of YOU.
I have some very special items that make me smile and think about the person that sent it to me and I bet you even know what I am talking about :) :) :)

Michelle May said...

A wonderful gift from a truly wonderful friend. How blessed we are to know Margaret!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Awww, I know the friend you're talking about, she really is sweet!

But you deserve every good thing which comes your way, so enjoy and be blessed. :-)

Hugs and love,

Michelle Palmer said...

Margaret's one very special friend! Your post is so very sweet... and I'm thrilled that you are so pleased with your originals!
Wishing you wonderful memories with family and friends~

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Oh I so know what you are talking about regarding blog love. I've said it on my blog as well. Sometimes when I talk to people who don't blog I think they don't really believe me about the genuine kinship we share. And I'm right there with you on Michelle Palmer's talent. She recently did a commission for a swap I was in. I have a pretty good collection of my own from her now. I like to just line them up on my desk & look at them. They make me smile! Lisa

beedeebabee♥ said...

Oh what a lovely gift, Donna! It is amazing, the friendships we make in Blogland!...and you my dear, are so easy to love! xoxo Paulette ;)

The French Bear said...

Donna, I just arrived home, I can't believe how much has gone on since I left, you have so much to read about!!!!! I am going to get a cup of coffee and read all of your posts that I missed, but I just had to say, I love that you were thrilled with Michelle's art work. I love her work, and this said "Donna" as soon as I saw it!!!!!
I am coming back later, talk to you soon!!!!
Margaret B


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