April 15, 2010

An Upcoming Silk Rose Tutorial And Family...

Remember these silk roses?
When I shared this photo with you a little while ago, I was asked if I'd
do a tutorial on how to make them. Mine are made from
silk charmeuse fabric, but you can use any fabric or ribbon.
I was thinking tomorrow might be a good day to share my technique.
Come back and I'll show you just how they're made.
More family arrived to celebrate. Dinner on the lanai, lots of giggling and
reminiscing. Being thankful for miracles large (healing from cancer)
and small (seeing each other again after many years).
And the party rolls on!

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DeeDee said...

cannot wait for the tutorial on this one..they are lovely...

So happy on the cancer survivor...and the happy faces you all are sharing right now...what a treat to be able to gather for a fun time...

enjoy yourself..

nancy huggins said...

Can't wait to see your tutorial on the roses.
It is always fun to have company and I wish there were more people that wanted to visit "The Red Dirt Road"
Still hoping that we can find a house closer to a town with stores and people...my kids are all 1,000 miles away except for 1 and he drives truck over the road so we are kind of stuck in a place that I would rather not be.

BellaRosa said...

Donna amor, I hope you have a wonderful, amazing visit with your loved ones full of laughter, good food and lots of love :) Besos, Rose

ps..I can't wait to see your rose tutorial :)

Lululiz said...

Really looking forward to the tutorial, I'd love to learn how to make those beautiful flowers.

beth said...

YAY! Can't wait!

rurumom said...

Lovely that you are sharing the rose tutorial. Happy smiles in the picture a treasure.

Shelly said...

Very fun, can't wait!

Enjoy your weekend!



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