April 21, 2010

And I Become A Child Again...

One of the stunning photos from Kate's Monday, April 19th post

On Monday, I read this post from my friend, Kathleen (Kate) Young at Chronicles of a Country Girl. You need to know just how much I enjoy reading what Kate writes. She shares her country life with her husband and their border collie, George (who has his own Facebook page!). I love sharing her daily walks on their property, and her incredible images (I covet her camera and her photographic "eye".)

When I left a comment on Monday, this is part of what I wrote to her:

Hi Kate: I simply adore (and miss) lilacs. Nothing like them in the whole wide world...and none in Florida. ;0( Thanks for sharing them with me, too.

Later that evening, I received an email from her asking for my address, and I asked for hers in return. We exchanged information that night, and I'm so glad. Here's why...
A package arrived yesterday with a return address I didn't recognize. Sweet Kate had sent her incredible images to me straight from her print service! My photograph doesn't do hers justice, and that's why I used one of her blog images as the first photo here today. These lilacs - which were captured from her yard - are stunning, and my heart swelled at Kate's generosity in sending them to me.

My eyes welled with tears at both her kindness, and the childhood memories of days long ago...lilac bushes coloring our backyard with their blossoms and their scent. Tall bushes, lovingly pruned by my mum, and their perennial promises to return every spring. If I close my eyes, I can relive those carefree days, and the thoughts make me smile.

I don't know if Kate has any idea just what a kind, meaningful and special gift she sent to me this week. I do know that I'll find the most perfect frames for both of them so that one can reside in our bedroom and one will have a permanent spot in the studio. I'll think of her with great fondness whenever I look at them...and I'm already working on a special gift for her!

Thank you, Kate, from the very depths of my heart.
If you haven't had the pleasure of exploring Chronicles of a Country Girl, please click on the image of her blog header and settle in for a bit. There's a lot to see, read and experience. I'm sure that you'll find that she speaks to you, too. Don't forget to say "hello" to her (and George!) when you visit. I know she'll appreciate it.


  1. Oh the bliss..I have lilacs shipped from my home town in the spring to add to my floor mixes.

    I broght one from up north and it grows here in Texas ..but even with 4 hard freezes this year still no blooms...:'(

    I know this gift had to be special..anyone who has moved from the land of Lilacs will know the sweet aroma they produce...

    I am so glad she sent such a lovely gift...I am on my way for a visit to her farm...

    scentsy has a lilacs and violets scent that is to die for close to the smell of lilacs...try it out..

    I can just imagine the smell from this great pics...awesome!

  2. What is blogspot a special place. There are so many friendly people over here that it is a great place to hang around! Today I also got a note from a blogfriend, I was curious about a magazine and she is gonna send me one. Just for no reason. Yeah that makes my day people like this...
    Enjoy your gift and your week,

  3. You received a wonderful gift! The pincushion you made arrived safely today and I love it!

  4. Ahh...I can smell them now. Anxiously awaiting them here in Vermont and "Lilac Sunday" at The Shelburne Museum.

  5. I love lilacs and I have a white one and a purple one that we raised from babies. We planted it when we built our home over 40 years ago. You can never take the country out of a girl that is for sure. Have a wonderful weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

  6. Donna, how wonderful, these photos are just so lovely, lilacs are everywhere here in Missouri EXCEPT in MY yard, I just have to have some.
    I had been watching you make the wedding gown, and OH MY, it was for your sweet and beautiful Mum!! She looked enchanting, such a lovely bride! Hugs and blessings to the bride and groom, what fun you all must have had at this glorious celebration!
    ps thank you for the tutorial, I'll have to look at it several more times, I just love the silk rosettes!

  7. I can smell them through these beautiful photographs. Oh how I love those! What a beautiful blog she has an yes indeed, a photographic eye for sure!

  8. After a week with a bad cold, laying low, and hardly any visiting, it's so nice to be here! As usual Donna, your words are so beautiful. Your gifts are just lovely. Those photos are stunning....I can smell those beautiful lilacs from here! xoxo Paulette

  9. Donna,
    You are probably wondering what happened to me that I didn't respond. I 'starred' your e-mail when you told me you were posting this, but unfortunately I forgot to come back to check it the next day. It wasn't until your gift came yesterday and I was writing my post that I came here and saw all these lovely things you've said about me.

    I loved your comment about the memories of lilacs and your childhood so much and I thank you for your reciprocal gift, although I wasn't expecting it. Makes it even more special!

  10. now this is why we all blog..posts like yours and Kates...I recently found her blog and always look forward to her posts...now I will come by to see your also...

  11. Over from Kate's to say hi .. her photos are special and so is your needlework.


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