April 18, 2009

Knitters Hit The Road...

Today, four of my girlfriends and I (who all met through Ravelry) decided to take a road trip. We drove to Naples, Florida and met up with another group of friends from the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Most of their group are members of Ravelry's Sweet Stitchin' Betties. Netta is from the Ft. Lauderdale area, so many of these gals are friends of hers. It was so nice of her to share them with the rest of us today! Above: L-R: Monica (monnielu), Adele, Tammy (pazzagatto), Netta (nstherd) and me (craftydeece).

We all met up at a shop called "Gabriella's", named for the owner, and she couldn't have been more sweet or accommodating. Seventeen of us converged on her quaint little shop where she offered 20% discounts to all of us, had a fabulous selection of quality yarns and a little Maltese dog that melted all our hearts. She and her staff were friendly, helpful and so accommodating. I can tell you that I'll be visiting her shop again in the future! I made sure I didn't leave without a photo of Gabriella (Naplesknitty on Ravelry!) and her sweet shop mascot in front of her shop window.

Thank you, Gabriella, for a wonderful visit to your shop!

All of us stood for a group photograph after a morning of shopping, and then we headed over to the local Mel's Diner for a hearty and well-earned lunch. (Shopping can really make you hungry!)

Lunch was great, and then we all drove over to a shop on the east side of Naples. We went to another shop (a not-very-creative "Knitting With...name"), but, in spite of their larger shop and more extensive selection, I won't be going back there. The shopowner was asked it she'd also extend a 20% discount to our group of shoppers, to which she replied "no". She has a sign behind the counter stating that she charges $1.00 for large shopping bags (really!!), and she stapled her "shop rules" to each and every receipt before we left the shop with our merchandise. Oh, yes...there's my personal favorite - a sign that says they can't be bothered to wind your yarn unless you purchase one of their five more expensive yarns. Wow! There really was nothing unique about her establishment and when I looked a little harder, it was actually sort of an "unkempt" shop, so I'll go back to Gabriella's instead on future trips to Naples.

In this day and age, we have many choices of where we choose to spend our money. I prefer to spend it where I feel welcomed and appreciated. Isn't it interesting how the attitude of owners and staff can make such a drastic difference in shopping experiences?

I've added a photo album with pictures of my Ravelry friends. You can see a few more photos there.

14950 Old US 41 in the SunCentury Plaza, Unit 3
Naples, Florida
• Hours:
Sunday 12 - 3 pm
Monday & Wednesday 10 am - 7 pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10 am - 5 pm
Saturday 10 am - 3 pm
• Her phone number is 239 325 9251 if you need directions.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time. What did you purchase ? Any new patterns? I am so surprised about the Knitting with Nancy shop. They all came into the shop last year and were soooo nice!?!? Go figure. Talk to you soon. Amy

jessica said...

hi deece!

your free babylock pattern dog bed/floor cushion had a great sesame street you tube link - it plays the song "There's nothing we women can't be!" It was awesome to watch with the girls... You know how kooky I am about sesame, I think everyone could use a few episodes!!! Your knitting day in Naples looked to be a ton of fun, what a grand group. It is so fun to get together with people who like to do the same and work together separately, isn't it? I am so happy you are in with that cool group of knitters and crafters. They will appreciate your greatness! Talk soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi DEECEE need to be anonymous on this one.. because it is public.. and we are good friends.. so you know who I am ( will write you a private e-mail too) IO have gone to Knitting with N.. in Naples many times.. interesting comments and sorry you had not such a great experience. Yes I know her rules.. did not know about the price for bags.. Have taken a crochet class there.. did not help.. instructor not patient with me at all..she even told me her students call her the knitting Nazi!!! so per your offer, I may have you help me after I practice the basics.. I will check out Gabriellas.. Good there is some competition. If you and your buddies go on another field trip.. I would love to be included..

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks for writing, Anon (I know who you are). Plan for us to get together soon so I can start teaching you crochet basics. You'll be a pro in no time!
We'll keep you in mind for our next field trip!


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