April 25, 2009

It's Official...

I now have a "domain". Doesn't that sound positively regal?

I decided to protect my name - Brynwood Needleworks - which I've used for my sampler designs for the past nineteen years. So now you can also find me at www.brynwoodneedleworks.com.

I'll be busy setting up the website, which currently welcomes you and then redirects you here, and I'm working out the bugs for contacting me through the site. I've also got a new email address, which I'll activate as soon as I get the links to my computer worked out.

Currently, my schedule is to launch a new line on my Brynwood Needleworks site as well as on Etsy, and I'm very excited to be working on all the components for an August 1st debut. Until then, you can follow my progress right here as I give you the inside scoop.

Don't worry...I won't be expecting any special treatment when we visit. You can still call me "Deece" and there's no need to curtsy in my presence. I'd just giggle anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how post. Where do you find the time?


Anonymous said...


Your a wonderful person....but lady what can't you do....you have your hands in so many pots..how do you fine the time for all you do and handsome too????


Zieknits said...

We won't treat you any differently than we would the Queen. How will that do?

Congrats! You're an inspiration, D.


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