April 24, 2009

We Were So Busted...

We hadn't gone to lunch together for a few weeks. Amy has been losing weight, working out and behaving when she eats. I've been watching what I eat and thinking about starting an exercise program.

So Thursday, we decided to get together for lunch in Sarasota. Amy got to choose the location this time. She lives in Sarasota, and she knows all the good spots. She suggested that we meet at a restaurant near Phillipi Creek, but frankly, when we got there, the place she was thinking of was closed. Instead, we walked next door to a place called "Jackie's Diner".

Quaint inside, and obviously dedicated to public servants, there were photos of cops, soldiers and family. It's owned by a retired cop who loves "comfort food"...oh, yeah, he's the cook, too!

So after checking out the menu (and finding out that my first choice wasn't available), Amy and I decided to jump completely off the reservation and order the worst possible thing we could eat. We decided to share a deep-fried hamburger, french fries and a root beer float - with deep-fried pickles on the side. We had already decided that we were going to have the deep-fried oreos for dessert. We knew it was wrong, but we figured we were the only two who would know...and it's not like we do it every day!

Just as the order was being brought to the table, I noticed a Sarasota News Network Channel 6 van pull into the parking lot. A cameraman and reporter were heading - with their camera - to the front door...and Amy and I were the only customers in the restaurant! (EEGADS!!! I started to panic. Tell me they aren't bringing that camera to our table!)

They were coming in to interview the owner about how small businesses are adjusting to the current economy and how they continue to survive when discretionary dollars are at a premium. Then - you guessed it - they came, with that darn camera, to our table. (Oh, Crap! We are soooo busted!)

After about 10 minutes of chatting with both of us, asking us what we were eating (and shooting footage of it as proof!) and how often we come to this establishment (remember, it was our first time!), they thanked us and packed up.

The interview will be part of a five-part series next week, scheduled to air on the 5 pm news on Monday through Friday. We're guaranteed to be seen once next week...with plates-full of fried food in front of us. (Thank God they didn't ask for "eating" shots...I would have refused. This way I can always say the food was Amy's right?)

So, what I learned this week...When you least expect it, someone could come along and announce to the entire world that you are what you eat. And on one day last week...Amy and I were lots of deep-fried food! (One more thing...deep-fried oreos are worth every calorie.)

The photo is courtesy of "istolethetv" on Flickr. Imagine the addition of fried pickles, oreos and a root beer float, and that will just about do it!


  1. That is too funny! I'm so glad I don't like oreo's but the burger and fries look delish!

  2. Nothing quite like "scaring you straight" into getting back onto the path of healthy eating. LOL. Your experience is too funny. Thanks for sharing. The burger and fries look delish.

  3. I am eating vicariously through your pictures...In my mind!

  4. A fried burger? I feel your gain! Yum.Marion W.

  5. Donna,

    I am waiting for the leftover...yum...


  6. Object lesson, indeed! Somebody's always watching! ;-)

  7. Oh now that is funny! Who gets busted falling off the wagon? That is the sort of thing that would happen to me. I always feared when I was vegetarian all those years ago that someone who spy me stopping into Hoffman's Meat Market for groceries for my Mom. "No, Wait, You've got the wrong idea!" I was all ready to say!

    I think deep fried burgers is worse though. What do they taste like? I have never scored one of those myself. You may have to take Wade and I there one day!

    Love you, very funny post!


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