April 15, 2009

She's Just Wild About Yellow...

It took longer than expected, but I finally finished the yellow sweater requested by my youngest sister, Jan.

You see, I knitted this pattern once for myself, and I have a difficult time doing a large project more than once...but she fell in love with my sweater ("Oh, pleeeezz, Donnie. Pleeeezz, would you make one for meeee?"). How could I resist that? In spite of the fact that she's shorter (and smaller) than I, she wanted the exact size that I had knit for myself...but she's just wild about yellow...there really was no other color choice for her sweater.

This is the Sally Melville "Sally Sweater" from The Knit Book. I made mine in Tahki Cotton Classic, but Jan's is knit in Bernat Cotton Tots, making it a bit bulkier and softer. Jan lives in Wisconsin, so she'll get more use from a cotton sweater that's a bit heavier. Everyone who lives there knows that Wisconsin has nine months of winter and three months of poor sledding.

I finished the sweater assembly last night, and carefully put it into a box to ship off today. Jan should have it by Friday or Saturday, and I'll enjoy hearing her squeal over the phone line when she opens it.

I didn't include the knitting needles crafted by my favorite needle embellisher, Tami Steptoe (Designs by Tami). I have needles topped with dogs, sheep and gnomes, as well as sheep stitch markers and a sheepy crochet hook! - all made by her loving (and talented hands). Check out her website at http://www.designsbytami.com/. I've also added her Etsy store to my list so that you can visit her from time to time simply by linking through my blog. I'm warning you now, you might find something in her line you just won't be able to live without.

Don't forget to call me, Jan!!!

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Jan said...

Oh I'll call you! You need not worry about that!! It's my absolute FAVORITE shade of yellow; pretty and sort of buttery. I'm going to sleep tonight with sunshiney dreams! I hope it gets here by Friday...I'm going on a "girl's weekend" and would LOVE nothing more than to brag about my sister's remarkable abilities!!
I love you more than sunshine Donnie! Talk to you VERY soon!

xoxoxoxo ~ Jani

Jan said...

Oh...by the way --- it's supposed to be 60 degrees this weekend. Perfect SHORTS with a SWEATER weather. Hee hee!! :o)

Tami said...

Thanks so much for sharing my little shop with others!!! I LOVE to make all the little critters up, so I am so glad you in turn love using them! You are the BEST!


Cyd Quarterman said...

Forget Deece, you'll always be Dee to me. I have loved seeing your creations on here. Such detail Dee and a standard of excellence you apply to all your work! Yet I wouldn't expect anything else. And the Princess Bride Gown- exquisite. BTW my favorite movie as well. Probably for different reasons, we'll have to compare notes some day. I would so love to see you soon. Still drinking tea or is it coffee now? talk to me friend!

deece said...

OMG!!! Cyd!
What a wonderful surprise to see you commenting on my little ol' blog! I'm sitting here with a hot cuppa tea and catching up on my messages.

Thank you for your kind words about my "work". I really do love sitting at my sewing machine...and to think it all started with a sewing lesson on Mum's Elna from your dad!!

Jan and Lyn had told me they'd heard from you. I saw your photos on Facebook...still as beautiful as ever! Get my email from one of the sisters and send me a message. We can catch up off blog.

Great hearing from you. (I can even hear your voice in your words!)
We'll chat again very soon.
Love always,

Bonnie said...

Your sis' sweater looks great! I love that shade of yellow, too. She will love it. And thanks for featuring one of my pincushions in your Etsy promo... <3

Ms. B said...

Sweater is gorgeous.

jessica said...

I'm always reading your blog - you know, for informational purposes (the thread story, hee hee) and the girls are your newest fans. Says Rowan, "Hey, that's Grandma!" We like the picture of you. Finnola just pretty much makes noises like Blues Clues, but you wanna eat her anyway. Keep up the mixed martial arts & crafts, I believe you have a black belt a few times over by now. Love you!



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