January 31, 2016

They're A Walk On The Wild Side...

Brynwood Needleworks - WIP Stripey Socks

Can you even believe it's already FEBRUARY?!

You can see I've begun my second sock for this pair. They're bold, colorful rascals! I'm not worrying about matching the stripes this time. I just cast on the second sock where I ended the yarn for my first sock. We're goin' funky for sure.

Brynwood Needleworks - Stripey Socks...One down
I finished piecing my quilt top over the weekend, too, but I won't share more progress pictures until I'm finished quilting it together. I want to get to the point where all I need to do it sew on the binding by next weekend. That means I'd better do some serious FOCUSING this week! 

I'll keep working on these socks in the evenings, too. I have a new sock project on its way from PostStitch, my friend Amy's knitting subscription business. I'm having lunch with her tomorrow, so I'll find out all about it then.
PostStitch has two different subscription programs. One is "BigStitch" which is one women's garment/accessory project with everything needed to start and complete the project. The other subscription is "SockStitch" which includes a sock pattern, premium sock yarn to make the socks, and additional special notions. You can also choose the length of your subscription, too, receiving as many or few kits as you'd like.
I love everything that comes in the kits, and since I'm planning to gift more socks this year, the SockStitch subscription will be just perfect for me! I'll take pictures to show you my February kit when I have it in my hot, little hands!

Tag can't wait to share his post tomorrow! We've got a new video, and the still shots are a hoot, too. You won't want to miss it.

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Createology said...

That is a fun sock for walking on the wild side. SockStitch subscription sounds perfect for you dear. Enjoy your luncheon. Safe travels...


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