November 26, 2012

Tuesdays With Tag - Family Time...

 Hi, Everybody!
It's been such a great Thanksgiving weekend you won't believe it.
 I just have to tell you all about what I've been doin'.

Mom said that Aunt Marion and Uncle Doug were comin' to visit,
but I just didn't believe her until I actually saw them comin' up my driveway.
 Next thing I knew, Aunt Marion was sittin' on the curb and sayin',
"Here, Tag!" in that sweet, chirpy voice that I love so darn much!
I couldn't help myself...I just bolted to give her some special corgi lovin'.
She giggled when she saw me.
Isn't she just so darn cute?
 I had to show her how I learned to FLY since the last time I saw her.
Believe me. She was impressed!!!
 Then, I just had to lie down and show her how big I got...
and tell her what I've been up to since the last time I saw her.
Aunt Marion brought Uncle Doug with her, but she left my brother,
Trip and their our black Labrador, Nicky at home. They sure are
missin' their daily Corgi Fix, but I'll take care of that while they're here.
I love that we're all family.
We all picked each other and love spendin' time with each other. 
That's what family's all about, right?

This visit is gonna be waayyy too short, but we understand.
They have to get back to their dogs, and they're missin' their 
grandkids, too. No kiddin'. I miss our grandkids every day!
 Mom and Dad are especially happy. They really enjoy sittin' around and 
catchin' up on all the latest news. Our visits are always too short, 
so I've gotta go enjoy our time together while I can. They'll be gone 
before I can wag my tail, and I'll start missin' them again right away.
So, I hope you won't mind terribly if I cut our Tuesday visit short this week.
I want to catch up on passin' out a few wet willies, snuggles, play times and 
all-round snuffling before Aunt Marion and Uncle Doug have to go.

Next time I see them, I'll get to see my brother again, and that's always awesome. 
'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"


  1. Wow're one happy Corgi! Family is so much fun to be with. That's a special photo of you and Aunt Marion. Maybe your mom will frame it for your corner?

  2. Tag, I love the picture of you "flying"-you are awesome!!! Love this post! Say hi to your Mom!!

  3. Great pics Tag. Enjoy the family visiting time.

  4. Oh and friends are the very best to spend quality time with. You really had fun and I love your flying. I think you could star in the Corgi version of Peter Pan. Happy Tail Waggin you cutie.

  5. Tag your just the best! I loved how you greeted your Aunt Marion. Special visits are just the best and I can see that your Mom loved having them there too.
    As always I love coming by and checking on you guys.
    Much love

  6. Awe! Tag you all look so happy.. see ya next week happy visiting...:D

  7. Dearest Tag,
    I'm positive your having a super wonderful time with your auntie and uncle! My fur babes Minnie and Callie got to spend time with there new favorite guardian angel while we were away for the thanksgiving holiday. As much as they love her they were tickled pink when mom and dad got home :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie


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