November 25, 2012

Princeton Update...

I didn't want you to think I've just been sitting around resting on my laurels. I have to work toward a November 30th finish for this quilt top if I'm going to make the deadline to get it to the long-arm in time for Christmas.
It starts with twenty blocks with twenty plates. I've assembled nine plates with the other eleven patiently awaiting Prissy's (my Babylock Espire) touch. I decided to hand applique' those first nine plates to their base blocks and then finish assembling the last eleven.
I've already completed five of the plates, so I'll be back to joining more in no time. It takes me just over one hour to applique' one plate to its block. When the blocks are all completed, I'll add the sashing and borders to complete the quilt top.  I'm hoping to make the deadline, but just in case, my fallback position is his January birthday. I'll let you know how I do.

You know how I work...December 1st, this Santa's helper goes into full production mode. I'll share my list with you then - but everything is usually scheduled for a December 16th deadline so I can get it all in the mail to arrive with plenty of time to spare.

What are you working on this week? Are you making any of your Christmas gifts this year?

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Minimiss said...

He is going to love it no matter when you get it finished.

Createology said...

This is just stunning. I have no doubt you will complete your deadline. You get more done in a day than I even think about doing. Blissful Stitching Dear...

Buttons said...

Very nice... Reminds me of my grandpas tie rack on the inside of his closet door!
I am working on a scarf for a gift. Each year I choose a request ( or 2) from the senior holiday tree at a local store.


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