November 23, 2012

Our Floozie Swap Is Complete...

I received the last two ornaments in our Button Floozies Ornament Swap yesterday, and they're really beautiful. 

The first one is from new friend, Renee from Washington state. Her ornament is completely hand stitched! I can see each tiny stitch executed by her own hands and you can see how much work went into it.

Her center motif is a lacy piece that I think she created on an embroidery machine. Then it was attached to her base and embellished with beautiful, vintage buttons. She even included two pairs of holiday-themed earrings!
She signed it in perfect stitches on the reverse, too, so I'll always remember who created this unique keepsake for me. Thank you, Renee. This will be a treasured ornament for years to come. I know how hard you worked on it and I will always be grateful for the work of your hands.
My second package contained surprises from my friend, Denise from Vermont. Denise and I have been friends almost since I moved to Florida and I was tickled when Laurie chose us to be swap partners!

Denise created a truly unique ornament for our tree...she hand-crocheted a garland and then spent who-knows-how-long adding vintage buttons and seashells to turn it into a truly southern tree ornament for me.  What a genius idea! (Don't miss the "Joy" pin in the picture, too. Denise knows I always sign my notes that way.)
She also crocheted a tiny stocking and added a vintage button on the front of it. I was so surprised to see what Denise had created for me, and I'm going to make a special display using the ornaments that have been sent to me over the past two years of swapping. Denise's garland will really stand out on it!

Thank you, Denise for creating such a beautiful and unique gift, tailored just for me. I think you can imagine how much I love everything, my friend.

I was so fortunate to receive the names of my four swap partners this year. Denise, Renee, DeeDee and Deb created that most unique and special ornaments to share. Perhaps I should just start planning in January for next year's swap. I think I'm going to have to consider steppin' up my game. There is so much talent in our group!

Thank you Laurie Jackson, our Button Floozies blog administrator for her hard work pulling together this swap. I'll be sending out a package next week to show my appreciation. It's really great to be a Floozie!

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Snap said...

The Floozies do good work! Fun seeing all your new ornaments. Thanks for the recipe for Cranberry Cake.

Sherri said...

Donna, what fun! Now you have two more lovely ornaments from your friends!!

Createology said...

This is why handmade is always such a special gift. Each ornament is very unique and made with love and talent and special thoughts of the recipient. Beautiful gifts dear. Button Floozies are such fun.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

those are so pretty; looks like a great swap.


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