November 4, 2012

A Busy Week Ahead...

Busy, busy, busy. That's what I am.

I'm picking up my Scrappy Plates Quilt today! Susan finished all the custom longarm work and I can't wait to see it. I'll bind it right away and you'll see it just as soon as it's finished.

I also worked on the Wisconsin block for our guild quilt all weekend, aaaannnnd I have been working on that "special" Christmas project, too. (You should see the tips of my fingers from "catching" the needle in my applique' work!)

Later today, we'll be working at our polling precinct to help set up the voting booths, and then Handsome and I will be working at our precinct on Election Day. I have to take Tag to the doggie spa today, too (sniff, sniff) because we'll be gone a minimum of fourteen hours on Tuesday. That's too long to ask him to cross his little corgi legs waiting for us to come home. He'll be much happier with Aunt Rita, but I won't be very happy coming home two nights in a row and not having him sleep on the bed with me.

Tag is writing his blog post ahead of time, so don't worry that you won't see him this week. He'll have his message up tomorrow, for sure.

So, my friends. This week I'll be off to the races. Put on your running shoes if you're coming along. I'm planning to have two projects completed for sure, and I'm aiming for three! I think I can...I think I can...

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Raewyn said...

How exciting to be picking up your quilt!! Hope your week goes smoothly and you get time to sew the binding on!

Createology said...

Roller skates and a jet pack for you dear. Tag will be just fine and he will be relaxing like you will not. Thank you for working the polling place...I know what a commitment that is. Your quilt will be amazing as will the applique block you are stitching. This will be a wonderful week of busy busy busy for you...Stay safe and hydrated and rested.

Minimiss said...

I think you can, in fact I know you can.

DeeDee said...

I think you can.... loved the quilt and cannot wait to see it all done... what a feeling that must be,..


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