January 20, 2012

Let's Try This Again...

Black Sashing and Borders
Thanks to everyone who responded to my question yesterday. I agree with what some of you said...I needed to show you the choices.
Ivory/Tan Sashing and Borders
Orange Sashing and Borders
Purple Batik Sashing and Borders
Yellow Sashing and Borders
Here are all the choices, and I'm going to add a poll to my right sidebar so you can vote. I really appreciate your input, and because I'm having such a difficult time choosing, I'm going to go with the color with the most votes. I'll leave the poll up until next Tuesday.

Thanks again for your input. I think this is going to be fun!

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Tina Eudora said...

Donna I am leaning towards the black or the purple, it would depend on the room decor. If the colors of the room are dark woods or colors the black might set it off beautifully. If it's more muted or blond wood I would go with the purple.
The black also has a kind of art deco look whereas the purple looks more cozy and farmhouse to me.
I can hardly wait to see what you end up choosing!
Tina xo

sudukc said...

My favorite is black followed by ivory...The black look navy on my screen so I go for a navy that is so near black hard to tell.
What does tag think he sees value!

Susan said...

I love the yellow. It is so happy.

Createology said...

What a dilemma. The blocks are lovely however I agree what was the creators goal? You will get as many answers as no two will be the same. As for my idea...And Please Remember...I do not quilt...Chocolate sashing! A rich deep earthy chocolate with these beautiful earthy nature inspired blocks. Now how is that for thinking differently? No matter what you decide this quilt will be finished and it will be stunning with your personal touches you will add along the way.
Colorful hugs dear...

Cat said...

This was a difficult choice, they all have their attributes... I went with the ivory.

Happy quilting.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Donna, that was a hard choice. I choose the ivory just because it ties in with the ivory pieces you already have in the blocks. But I think the yellow was really tropical with the green and would be great to have around in the summer air condioning and I also liked the rusty color, it made it kind of FL fallish with the all the green and browns we have in our falls. Don't you just love a descisive person like me to help you out. LOL.

Thanks for coming by I always love hearing from you!
XO's...Tracy♥ @ Cotton Pickin Cute

P.S. I've got a giveaway going on now and will have some more going up next week.

Minimiss said...

Either ivory/tan or black. My preference is ivory because it does tie all the blocks in and I tend to be on the conservative side. Black is always a good backstop.

Rettabug said...

Wow, it would be difficult for me to choose...they all look good, in their own different ways. I'm leaning towards the yellow, but then, I love yellow & green together. Fun project!

Hope all is well with you guys.
We've decided not to come to FL this year, so I won't be seeing you soon. :*-( We're celebrating our 25th with family here.


MosaicMagpie said...

I voted black but I am thinking on second thought the ivory. Good luck!

Michelle May said...

Like them all, but voted for ivory. Just seemed so calming and cozy to me.

Susanne said...

Hi, I just love the black one, as it looks the must sofisticated, it brings the darker colors out of the other fabric, so I would go for that. I am looking foreward to see the finish quilt.
Best regards Susanne B in Denmark


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