January 22, 2012

Gettin' Scrappy...

I have a button in my left sidebar "declaring" that I'm participating in Bunny Hill's Scrappy Plates Quiltalong. I went into my cabinets to choose which fabrics I wanted to use to make mine. I know the point is to make a quilt from fabric scraps, but I usually share my scraps with one of the gals from the quilt guild...and I have a huge sick copious frightening little fabric stash from which to choose.

I looked at my fat quarter sets and decided on Moda's Martinique line. I also have some yardage of a couple of these fabrics, so I'll be able to use that for sashing, borders and backing. Perfect!
I love these colors, and the patterns include sea coral, geraniums (my favorite!), polka dots and paisleys. You can see that I separated each of these stacks by color values so I was ready to get started. I did move two of the fabrics out of one pile into another. (See that red in the right column of "mediums"? That's one of them).
According to Anne's instructions, I'll need twenty to thirty different fabrics, cut into 4" x 12" strips. (I have over thirty in this fat quarter pack, so I'm good to go.) I started by cutting the strips I needed from all the medium value fabrics. I only need 4" x 12" from each fat quarter, so the remainder of each piece of fabric went back into stash for another project.

After that step was finished, I took out my Easy Dresden ruler and cut stacks of strips into the pieces that will be the start of my spokes in the Dresden Plate blocks. I'll be cutting all of the strips from dark and light values before I start any sewing. I'm planning to spend today doing that. (I'm soooo happy to be back in the studio!)
If you're interested in joining this quiltalong hosted by Anne Sutton at Bunny Hill, just click on the button (like this one) in my sidebar.

I only got this far yesterday because Tag and I headed over to the Venice Dog Beach to meet up with friends with corgis in the afternoon. (Tag will be telling you about that tomorrow!)
I've already chosen my background fabrics for the blocks and think it's going to be a pretty quilt. Because I've taken the "Process Pledge", I'll be sharing my progress on this quilt with you. It will be fun to show you more photos as I go.

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far on my poll. I'm looking forward to seeing which fabric ends up being the sashing for those green blocks! If you haven't voted yet, the poll closes Tuesday evening. I'll let you know on Wednesday which one wins out.

Tag is really looking forward to his first post. I think you'll enjoy it. I'll be back on Wednesday.

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Sharon said...

I love the colors you are using!

Can't wait to see Tag's post on his trip to the beach!

Kiss that handsome critter for everyone at my house.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Oh Donna, I Love those fabrics, the color, the style.... Beautiful!

nancy huggins said...

I love your colors..so bright and cheerful but I will just watch you as I am quilted out for a while. Maybe this coming fall I might make one for a friend for her husband and one for myself. I am staying busy now with listing on ebay and working on cook book.
I will enjoy watching you work on yours tho :)

Carol at Serendipity said...

Beautiful fabric. I guess I will have to go to FQ shop and look at fabric.

I am in the knitting mode but getting ready to cut out a quilt. I have the same stash you do LOL.


Michelle May said...

That's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

Jillayne said...

I love that line too Donna! the aqua and the grey are such a nice combination - your quilt will be beautiful.

Createology said...

You are completely amazing. Your fabrics are beautiful. I really like the "Process Pledge". Your studio will be so happy today. Hugs...

Deb said...

Those are some gorgeous fabrics. I'd love to join in, but this is the year of cleaning up what I've already started - and there are more than I care to admit!

Queenie Believe said...

Such beautiful colors!!!
Look forward to seeing the blocks.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Minimiss said...

Very pretty fabrics. I am sooooo tempted to join in that QAL but I just know I won't be able to fit it in. I am keeping up with it on Bunny Hill's website though. Probably a good thing that I can't get one of those rulers over here too. I feel there is definitely one of these quilts in my future.

Enjoy the process as I will enjoy watching it all come together.

RobinfromCA said...

I love all of these fabrics! Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna honey these fabric pieces you have chosen are gorgeous. Can't wait to see your work in progress.
This is going to be a beautiful quilt
Can't wait to read about Tag's trip tomorrow

Rettabug said...

Gosh, those are beautiful, Donna! I can almost picture your quilt in my head already.

Carol said "I have the same stash you do" I only WISH I had a stash like you gals!!!!!!

Have FUN!


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