September 13, 2011

Window Shopping...

Fairy Doors by Kim Detmer - claybykim
I love window shopping...especially Etsy window shopping. My usual searches involve acorns and squirrels (or Corgis), and I can always find things that I love. Anyone wondering what I'd like for special occasions - like my Birthday - needs only click on my "favorites" page in Etsy for a whole wish list.

Who doesn't need a fairy door? Kim's shop is Clayworks. Kim Detmer lives in Alamogordo, NM. ( Her detailed fairy doors only measure approx. 3" x 3 1/2". Teeny tiny!

 Drawings From Nature shop
The framed drawing above is from Drawings From Nature; Eileen Posthlethwaite's Etsy shop ( She's located in the UK and her work is beautiful.
Squirrel drawing from Sandim - Sandra Mehl's Art
Another favorite piece is from Sandim; Sandra Mehl's shop ( The squirrel is just so sweet. You can see the tiny acorn, right?
Pendants from Art Harmony
This pretty little acorn pendant is available from ArtHarmony ( She creates her treasures by drawing on polymer clay.) 
Look at the detail she puts into each of her pieces! The pendants are only about an inch and a half in diameter. I love the squirrel. Seriously.
I'm not going to share my vast wish list with you. There are so many wonderfully talented artists on Etsy that I could spend hours there.  I think Tag would have to stand with his little legs crossed, and Handsome would wonder about his next meal if I spent too much time browsing.

I like that I can window shop, choose my favorite things and then point anyone who gets my name on their gift list. It's so nice that you can find things in any price range, too. Hey! I can even chose a trinket here or there and surprise myself!

So, if you find yourself roaming aimlessly around the Net, take a stroll over to Etsy, type in a keyword for one of your favorite things and go window shopping. Christmas is just around the corner (arggghh! Did I just say that?). You should make it easier for anyone who'd like to go shopping for you by creating your own Wish List!
PS. I am in no way being compensated for the Etsy plug or for featuring any of the above sellers. However, if you'd like to get something for me from my Favorites List, that's cool with me. (giggle)
Also, for some reason Blogger won't let me embed my links today. There's always a way "around", so I just typed in the link to each of the above sellers for you. Hope they fix that glitch, though. Exposed links are ugly.

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Lee said...

just had a lovely time going window shopping with you. lets do it again sometime. By the way I am really excited about discovering Fairy doors how do you think they wouls go in embroidery

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Hi Donna
I love all these wonderful little finds. I need to share my collection of squirrels and acorns. I don't have a fairy door yet, but have been looking. They're so adorable. Haven't bought off of Etsy for awhile- time to get over there I see!

Thanks for sharing. : )

Hugs, Tina

Carol said...

I love Etsy. There is always something to see and covet!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Totally love, love, love that fairy door!

xx, shell

Sherri said...

I love etsy and you have found some beautiful things on there!! I try to buy as many gifts as I can on etsy because they are created by wonderful artists! Thanks for sharing Donna! By the way I'm glad you included Corgis on your list of things you look for. If you had not put that on there I think Tag would be most upset-LOL!!!

Createology said...

My you have found some wonderful gifts that are so perfectly you. I have a hard time with window shopping and making a wish list...something about waiting and then being disappointed when I never receive the item or it is gone before I purchase it. Instant gratification??? Not really just practical reality for me. Love etsy and helping fellow crafters validate their wares with sales...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Everything is SOOOO lovely! I adore ClaybyKim's shop - but I was totally unfamiliar with your other finds. Thanks for sharing all these goodies!!! :)


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