September 19, 2011

Tuesdays With Tag - Williamsburg Play Date...

Last Friday was a grand day for Tag and me. Our blog friend, Sharon of Corgis In My Garden brought her fluffy Miss Arabelle to visit us in Williamsburg, Virginia.

When they arrived, there was a "greeting period" which involved a lot of running, jumping and snuffling. Miss Arabelle thought that Taggart was being a bit presumptuous, and didn't hesitate to let him know, but Tag is a persistent little bug and it didn't take long for Arabelle to warm up to him. What can I say? He has a way with the ladies.

Sharon and I decided to take the kids down to Colonial Williamsburg so they could strut their stuff down Duke of Gloucester Street. Sharon warned me that corgis are always a hit on her frequent walks in town.
We needed to get into the car to travel into Williamsburg from our campground, so it was into the crates for the corgis for their own safety during the ride.

I know. Just look at that tongue and those ears! He makes me giggle every time I look at him. Arabelle was so sweet. (During our group photo, she came over and just snuggled and smooched on me. She's such a dear little dog.)
When we arrived at our destination, on went the walking hardware and we were off to the races. Sharon agreed to take the reins for a bit so I could take photos.

Tag must think he's a sled dog because he really leans forward against his collar. He completely frustrated me with his pulling, and I was afraid he was going to hurt himself. (We later went to the pet store and purchased a gentle harness for him, which is much safer for him and actually gives me more control. He's already heeling better already!)
The real reason I wanted Sharon to take both leashes was because I had to get a photo of Arabelle's pants (which Sharon says are referred to as her "prom dress"). Arabelle is four years old and that is an impressive prom dress, for sure!

Of course, I wanted a picture of Mr. Tag walking next to her, so you could see how little he actually is. For some reason, he always looks bigger in the photos of me holding him. I know the camera adds ten pounds, but I didn't know it would apply to the dog, too.
There were a lot of dogs in Williamsburg on Friday. Tag had already said "hello" to the black and white Great Dane and Labrador when I shot this picture. By the time I snapped the shutter, he was busy scoping out other targets of opportunity.

I didn't get the picture of Tag and Arabelle greeting a huge Rottweiler (the owner said the dog was over 100 lbs!). I was more concerned with making sure there were no interaction issues. All was well, and I was relieved that the Rotty was actually quite gentle and friendly.
They were both checking out a pair of German shepherds here, but we thought better of them getting nose-to-nose. To tell the truth, Sharon and I were getting a little tired of all the excitement by then.

We enjoyed watching our dogs interact with each other, too. If Tag and I were separated from Sharon and Arabelle by foot traffic or obstacles in our path, the dogs would stop to look for each other. It was really fun to see how quickly they had become pals.
Tag particularly went out of his way to greet children. He adores little kids and the smaller the better. It doesn't matter if they're little girls or boys, only that they're little folk. It must be his fairy heritage, and the fact that he can relate to their smaller stature. 

These two little boys were petting Tag, and he responded by kissing on the tiny tot and making the older brother and mama giggle.

Sharon and I laughed that we were completely unable to carry on a conversation while we walked the two short-legged dogs. Sharon would ask me a question and I'd start to answer, only to be interrupted by passers-by asking what kind of dogs they were, or how old were they, or why their coats were different. We heard a lot of "They're so cute!" and "Look! Corgis!" Teenage girls surrounded Tag at one point, taking his picture and trying to cuddle him. (Sorry. I missed that picture, too.)

We finally decided to kennel up the dogs and head to Chickahominy House for lunch and quiet conversation. There may have been dessert involved, too, but I'll never tell!

I can say for myself that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with Sharon and sharing the day with her. She's everything I expected from reading her blog and she's a delightful woman. I really look forward to us being able to spend time together again and becoming good, good friends.

I'll be sharing more surprises from our visit during this week. (You didn't actually think I could fit it all into one post, did you?)
I want to change the subject for a minute: I just adore this little, needle felted Corgi! If you'd like to see the tutorial to learn how to make one for yourself (or for me!), here is the link on Living Crafts website. ( For some reason, I'm unable to use the link feature on Blogger again. sigh

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Sharon said...

Great post, Donna, about an absolutely wonderful day!

Kris said...

Donna - Looks like the day was a smash!!! So much fun and that Tag has got to have the cutest little face I have ever seen on a Corgi!! Keep us posted!! Kris

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a wonderful day you had with Tag and your friends.
Such cute pictures of your walk. Tag is just too precious.
I love hearing about your days

MosaicMagpie said...

What a great day! I bought one of those "Gentle Leaders" for Sophie. When a 90 lb. Doberman decides she wants to pull you around for a walk, it is no fun. The "GL" makes a big difference and is so much nicer than a choke chain or those spikey collars. Tag looks small in the cute photo with the 2 young boys. I can see why the dogs gathered so much attention from everyone, look at those 2 pretty ladies, they were walking!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Donna, I so enjoyed seeing the pictures of your weekend. The dogs looked precious together and I think it's so sweet that Tag loves children. He is probably looking for 'people' with short legs:) Thanks for a fun post! Twyla

Createology said...

How very special that Tag and Arabelle got to meet and have an adventurous day with you and Sharon. Tag is such a sweetheart. You can tell he is well behaved and a ladies magnet. Arabelle and her prom dress are always going to be Tag's first flirt. Terrific Tuesday Tag and Miss Donna...

Shirley said...

Hi Donna, It really looked like you had a very fun day out. Isn't it amazing how you have known some people for years after meeting them here on Blog land. I am enjoying catching up on my reading tonight and so far my comments have been going through. I haven't tried to post any pictures tonight after the last time. Have fun on your trip. Tag is so cute. Your Missouri Friend.

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

I think Tag and Arabelle should be married and have babies one you think she'll wait for her little prince?

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Waaaaaa....cry....stomp foot and bellyache that I couldn't be there too!
xx, shell

Carol said...

Nice post. It always amazes me that all those dogs get together with no issues.

Poor Rottweiler...always gets a bad rap. Most dogs I have had over the last 20 years were part Rot and I always love that part of them. They are the most loving and playful dogs.

Wow, that little girl's skirt is just gorgeous. I have never seen a long hair Corgi.


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