May 22, 2011

Little Bird, Little Bird...

While I sat reading in our living room yesterday afternoon, I kept seeing the same little wren flying past our big windows. She'd dart from the sill out onto my jasmine bushes and then off into the yard. Soon, I would see her again on top of the jasmine or screen house on her way back toward the house.

After a little while I grabbed my camera because I knew what that meant. I only had to find where she'd chosen to build her nest. That didn't take long. I opened the screen door and went into the courtyard to find that she'd chosen a safe and protected spot behind our storm shutters.

Nothing like showing you a housekeeping job we missed. Upon reviewing my photos, I saw just how much those shutters need to be power washed, but now that task will wait until the nest is empty.
I quietly walked up to the rail for the shutters and peered inside the nest. I was fascinated by her architectural skills! She really put a roof on her abode! The fuzzy stuff near the top was pulled from the trunks of some of our palm trees. I thought I saw something but wasn't positive until I made a little bit of noise.
Immediately, I was rewarded with three tiny mouths waiting for Jenny Wren to return with something for their tummies. Sweet little peeps filled the air as they let her know that they were still hungry.

I didn't want to keep Jenny from her babies, so I retreated to the house. It didn't take long for her to fly back to the nest, feed the little ones and then head out again in search of more food.
Mama's work is never done. I'll leave them alone for a few days and see how long it takes before they start to explore. Then, I'll be back with my camera to share more photos with you.
I also have a great idea for the Summertime quilt. I thought I was finished, but I was wrong. I'm going to add one more border, but it's going to have something fabulous added. I'm hoping to finish it completely by mid-week and then I'll take it over to Kathy.

I'm going to be creating a pattern for the Summertime quilt, which will be available in my etsy shop as soon as it's finished. Don't worry. I'll be sure to let you know when it's ready so you can make your own Summertime quilt!
I'm off with my girlfriend, Krisann, for lunch and a little quilt shop pillaging. She hasn't been to Kathy and Nora's shop yet, so I just have to take her over to see their great fabric selections.

I hope you have something fun planned this week. Nothing like a little time spent creating, or making time for friends. I'll be starting with "girl time". See you tomorrow!

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Mandy said...

How lovely to have the nest so snuggly positioned so close. It will be fascinating to watch as the little birds grow up.

Claudia said...

Looks like we are both watching little birdie babies! What a miracle those nests are.


Chris said...

Awww......sweet babies. Mommy bird and mother nature are fascinating. About 40 years ago we could hear a nest of babies in a large elm tree right outside our bedroom window - on the 2nd floor (in NH). They were so close you could reach out and touch them but we couldn't find it in the tree! Weeks later Brad was working on his truck, pulled himself out from under it and looked up......there was a hanging nest for Baltimore orioles swinging among the heavily leafed branches. It was truly a feat of engineering for that mommy bird to create.

Createology said...

Your little birdie brood is so sweet. Mamma really made quite the fine home for them. I just love birds and all they must do to survive. Great day with the fabric store pillaging and your girlfriend. Happy adventures today...

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I have several nests I'm watching as well - it is so fun to watch them. They grow so fast!

Enjoy your lunch and have a great week!

Jillayne said...

What a wonderful post Donna - and a good bit of detective work on your part!
You have me really intrigued with the idea you have for the border of your quilt so the reveal will be quite exciting. It seems to me you have had some fun with this one and isn't it great when a project can do that for you?
Have fun with your friend; there is nothing like a nice lunch, a good friend and a great quilt shop!

MosaicMagpie said...

I have made baskets and struggled with the reed and I have 2 hands, clothes pins and other tools to help me. Those tiny birds with just their beak and bits of twigs build a home that will survive the weather and provide a cozy spot to grow. Amazing!

Patty said...

What a lovely discovery! Hope you enjoyed you girl's day out. I hope to get to sew soon, it's a very busy work time for me.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Sweet little birds!

Jann said...

Loved these photos--I am quite fond of the wild birds, and enjoyed your post!

Michelle Palmer said...

She is a dear! Thank you for sharing your little Wren home. I hear my little Wren-friend calling as I write... She's wondering why I have not repaired the hole in the birdhouse roof! Well... I've gathered the copper~ I'm off to put on a new roof :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What little sweeties! How wonderful to have some adorable feathered friends nearby. Usually a bird nests in our lilac bush right outside our back door. But not this year! I know they are nearby, however, as I hear lots of chirping! Theresa


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