May 20, 2011

Friday Night Photos...

Yesterday was a beautiful day in south Florida. It was warm, but there was a nice breeze and the sun was shining.

Before we left home for our Friday night date night, I asked Handsome to take a photo of me with my ol' girl, Kes. She doesn't much care for having her picture taken anymore. You can understand...She's greying around the edges, has rounded out a bit, her legs aren't what they used to be - and here our description diverges - she has a few teeth missing!
Like her Uncle Bannor (see photo at the bottom of my right sidebar), she couldn't resist giving Mom a little smooch...
but at her advanced age, believe me, it's not all puppy kisses anymore. I love her just as much as always, but at thirteen and a half years old, it's more "old dog breath" than "puppy breath". (Handsome never misses the funny shots!)

Old dogs are always such sweethearts, and she's no exception. She also has her stodgy, crotchety old girls moments, but either way, I'm so fortunate that we still have her in our lives.
I think I've mentioned that I started growing out my hair last October. I've worn my previously short crop for about nine years and was ready for a change. I thought I'd give y'all a closeup of how I look now...naturally curly hair and all. I'm working on getting it longer, but we'll see how that goes over the summer. My hair is so thick, I tell my girlfriend that it's like wearing a wool cap in hot weather! Plus, I can always cut it short again in the fall if I get tired of taking care of it, right?
Might as well show you the back while we're at it. After taking these photographs, off we went for a nice dinner together and a relaxing evening. A wonderful start to our weekend. I'm finishing my Summertime quilt top today, and who knows where my muse will carry me from there.

I hope that whatever you do today and tomorrow brings you joy. Hug someone you love, and share a smile with a stranger. It can make the world of difference to someone without one.

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Createology said...

Donna I noticed right away that you are growing your hair longer. It looks so pretty. In fact you look so pretty and you have a wonderful smile. Kes looks like she ended up enjoying her photo shoot and especially her smooches with you. How fun that you and Handsome still do date nights. Mr. C and I have dates once in a while with one another. Nothing planned...merely spontaneous. Happy weekend to you my dear...

Debra@Common Ground said...

I think both you girls are beautiful!! And I think that having all your teeth and no "doggy breath" is a real plus!! LOL!! I love your thick hair, mine is so fine that I have to put tons of "stuff" in it to have some body. otherwise i look like Moe from the 3 Stooges, not a particularly good look.
Glad to see you're back in the swing of things even tho we all miss our special little friends.
much love, Debra

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Two Beautiful Ladies! Your hair is So Pretty... Mine is Super long and I keep it in a braid. I wish I had your pretty curls...
Kessie is such a sweetheart, Yes you are lucky to have her...
Have a wonderful weekend,
Hugs to you,

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Kes is such a sweetheart. She still has lots of love to give even though she isn't young anymore. Your hair is so pretty. I am jealous of how thick your's is. Mine seems to be thinning:( Have a nice Saturday! Twyla

Carol at Serendipity said...

Great pictures! Glad to hear you have all your teeth and no doggy breath LOL.

Jack and I have "Romantic Dinners" every week. We stay home and we cook together. He plans the music and chooses the wine and I plan the menu and the table and then we take it from there.

Have a great weekend.


Sharon said...


Your hair is beautiful! Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Jo said...

Love the new "do! Must be a trend I know a few (me included) that are going for the longer look

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

You and Kes are both just darling! I think your hair looks great - mine is stick straight and OBTW, I'm trying to grow mine out as well. I would KILL for some natural curl! Enjoy your weekend!

Jan M said...

Awww, such sweet photos! I understand only too well about the difference between puppy and elderly dog kisses. Still wouldn't miss them for the world, though!
Love your new "do". As you know, I let my hair grow over the last year. When temperatures starting rising last month, I did have a few inches trimmed off. It is still long enough to pull back, but I do miss my short, easy to keep and cool hair!
Happy weekend to you!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

You and Kes are both adorable!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Great photos and lesson via Kes's senior kisses! I think we all can learn a lot from dogs..young and older!
Have a great weekend! Good luck growing your hair out! I know it's super hard to do! Keep it up!

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Donna,
I like your new look too. You are lucky to have some curl. Enjoy your warm sunshine.

Happy Saturday ~Natalie

Carol said...

I commented this morning from Google Reader since blogger was acting up. I wonder if it went to you as email.

Anyway, Handsome took a gorgeous pic of you.

xx, Carol

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna I always love stopping in but when you have pictures of you with your babies or handsome I really love it.
You are so beautiful and I do like your new hairdo but I loved it short too. Remember I wanted to get mine cut as short as yours but never could get anyone to do it.
Kes is so pretty and I know it is hard being up in age I can so relate to the problems.
Glad you shared these photo's I love them and girlfriend like I said you are so Beautiful
Love ya

Debora said...

Very cute pictures, Donna! I do like your hair, and I often wish I had the thickness problem...or at least a little of it. Mine has thinned a lot from hypothyroidism. But mine is curly, too, so from one curly girl to another, Lookin' good! :o)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What wonderful photos, Donna. Your hair looks so cute that way. :) It's a lovely photo of you. Kes is such a sweetie. My eldest is getting on in years, too. She has such lovely "dog breath!" LOL And she's getting very gray (which at first was hard to tell because she already has so much gray in her). And believe me, she CAN be crotchety!!! LOL But I love her.
Hope you've been enjoying your weekend! Theresa

Suzann said...

Wonderful photographs!! I've been growing out my hair too. A new style and change is always fun!!

sissie said...

Hi Donna,
Love the photos of you and your baby. I really like your hair.


MosaicMagpie said...

I think I am sounding like Kes. Rounding out a bit. Graying around the edges....I do still have all me teeth though and I hope I don't have dog breath! Maybe that is why DH Mr. Magpie and I don't have date nights!!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sweetie...
What a gorgeous share tonight. I love that you are growing out your hair. It looks so beautiful. Love those curls. You are so lucky. Mine is as straight as a string.

We too, are going through some trials with our old girl, Rasha.
She is a Rottweiller. She is almost 13, has lost teeth and her hips some days don't work like they used to. She has slowed down tremendously but we just take it one day at a time. We love her so much. She is such a part of our lives.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful girl with me tonight. I love her photo with you. Just priceless.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Just Me and My Shadow said...

Love the pictures of you and your beautiful old doggie. I agree, old doggies are just so special. My beautiful old girl Labrador lived to over 15 years.

Jeri Landers said...

Donna, I had a dear old doggie for 16 years. She was such an old sweetheart. Now we have another old guy, who is starting to grey and walk with some obvious rheumatism... just like me.
Yes do grow you hair out, mine is past my waist! I can still wear braids at 57 years old!
Thank you for joining us in the Hollow, you do wonderful needlework!

Sherri said...

Donna, I love your hair longer!! Love the pictures of you and Kes!

Sue said...

I like your hair this length- it's flattering! You and Kes look sweet together. I know "old doggie breath" and it's not pretty! LOL It's nice you still have her.... Our last cairn lived to be 15. Miss him but it wouldn't be fair for us to have
another dog right now- too busy and not at home enough to give adequate care.

Jill said...

Love the photos of you and Kes. I think your hair looks great and really softens your face. I too am envious of the thickness of it. Can't wait to see your completed quilt.


Michelle May (Shell) said...

Love your hair Donna. I think it's so pretty!
Ok, that dog lick photo is just too darn funny!!!
xx, shell

Patty C. said...

You look great Donna
It appears you got quite a smooch from that photo - lol
Enjoy your week ;)


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