November 14, 2010

Time For Quiet...

Handsome bought a new Casio keyboard for us. He and I can both sight read well enough for us to rehearse my chorale music. I think it's funny that I get nervous singing alone in front of him after nearly 30 years of living together. Yesterday, that changed.

I asked him to listen to me rehearsing the two Hebrew pieces we're doing for our holiday concert. The sheet music I have gives a website where singers can listen to not only complete recordings, but also recordings for the various choral parts. It's wonderful. Click, play and warble away!

Handsome gave me some useful pointers about marking my music to give me cues in my own handwriting (like reminding me where to breathe, or take bigger breaths when I have to hold notes) and I know that's going to be a tremendous help.

Both the critters were lying on the carpet and listening to our rehearsal, too. Unlike Kes, who will put her nose right under Handsome's drums while he plays, Fezzik prefers to run for the hills. I'll have to start desensitizing him to the drums. We can't have a dog that doesn't appreciate music, after all. Thankfully, my singing didn't drive him from the room!
"Yes, Fezzik."
"I've been really worried about Kessie, so I've been
helping by watching her with you today."
"I know, Fezzik. I was noticing how sweet you've been
to her. You've been quiet, considerate and haven't
bothered her. Not at all puppy-like."
"Well, Mom. I can tell Kessie's not feeling well."
"You're a sweet boy, Fezzik. Mom's very proud of you, Mr. Man."
"Thanks, Mom. I'm really tired. I. think. I'm. gonna...
take. a. nap. now."
"Sweet dreams, sweet boy."
Kes is pretty doped up right now. Doggie downers can do that to an old girl. Even the corgi puppy knows it's Time for quiet and healing now. All of us would like to thank you for your get well wishes for my girl. I promise a crafty post for tomorrow.

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Createology said...

Dear Donna you have such a wonderful family...Handsome giving you a new keyboard and helping you with your singing...Kes who is such a sweetheart and thankfully is healing...Fezzik who is caring and thoughtful and cute and you yourself such a talented and loving woman. Blessings...

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Such sweetness. I just love your family, both the two and four legged variety. :-)

Carol said...

Good Morning
I am just so happy that Kes is recouperating well. Poor pooch. You just don't know how many times she crossed my mind.

Love Fez's baby. Hope he doesn't mistake a live one for his!!

Vintage Sandy said...

Donna happy to hear Kes is doing okay and that little Fezzik is being such a big help watching over her too cute have a beautiful day dear friend!!

te_roti said...

Ooo a new toy to play with. I was very tempted to buy a keyboard when we gave the piano to my niece to learn on. What fun.

Your pups are so cute. What lovely peaceful pictures. So glad Kes is on the mend. Big scratches behind the ears for both of them


Suzann said...

Sounds like life is pretty sweet at your house.

Michelle May said...

Sweet babies. A little quiet can do us all good sometimes.
xx, shell

MosaicMagpie said...

I am so glad all is well there. A little quiet time is good for everyone!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congrats on your new keyboard! How fun that you can perform together right at home. :) Poor Kes - hope she heals soon. It's so sweet that Fezzik looks out for her My two sweeties do the same for each other - it's so sweet. Theresa


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