November 11, 2010

Fezzik Friday - 22 Weeks...

Have you ever heard the term "It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I'm wearing Milk Bone underwear"? Well, Mom said that more than once yesterday.

Mom got up at 5 am yesterday, and I guess I had a little bit to do with that. I started barking, but I can explain. Kes was being sick, and I'd never heard that noise before. I couldn't help myself.

Mom got up and helped Kessie, and then I heard her say something like, "You've got to be kidding!" Then she said something about "rocks". I don't even think I know what rocks are, but it didn't sound good. Kessie woke us up two more times before 6 am and gave Mom and Dad three more rocks! Mom called our doctor's office as soon as they opened and then took Kes in for x-rays.
There were still two more rocks, and one was pretty big. Mom thinks Kessie must be getting a little senile. She said that Kes never ate rocks before, and we can't figure out why she would start now. Poor Kessie. She sure wasn't feeling well the last time I saw her yesterday. I hope she feels better when she comes home!

Anyway, Kes stayed at the vet's office overnight, and if that big rock hasn't moved by the time Mom calls the office today, Kes will need surgery. I'm a little worried about her, and I sure missed having her around the house to play with last night.
Mom was a bit distracted with all the stuff going on with Kes, and I didn't make myself very clear when I told her I needed to go outside. I had an accident on their big rug in the living room. Mom cleaned up right away, but Dad said the rug was due for a good cleaning and I gave them a good excuse to do it today. They got it all rolled up and it just looked like a fun place to play. Mom was not amused.
Apparently, piddling on the rug
is frowned upon in this establishment!
The day ended well, though. I spent the evening in solitary, but Mom and Dad had their first concert together at the North Port Performing Arts Center. A friend of theirs took this picture so they could share it with you. Their Veterans Day concert was a roaring success and the Band and Chorale even got standing ovations! That's MY Mom and Dad! (Well, Kessie's, too.)

Mom couldn't do much quilting today, what with all the excitement around the place! She'll give you an update tomorrow, and apologizes that she couldn't show you a finished quilt top today.

We're hoping for good news from the vet and promise to let you know what we find out about Kes. See you next week!

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Kris said...

Donna - Hugs and prayers for Kessie!!! And I am very happy your concert went so well!! Great picture of the two of you!!!

Patty C. said...

I'm sure Kessie will be fine - She is at the vet getting great care.
The photo of you and hubby is just beautiful -

Megan Chamberlain said...

I hope Kes will be okay, maybe she just thought she needed the rocks. Poor child. Holding thumbs that she comes back from the vet quickly.And I am sure Fezzik didn't mean to add to your stress.
What a day for you, I am so glad that the evening went well.

DeeDee said...

Keeping Kes in my prayers...poor girl...and poor little fez got so upset couldn't hold himself...bless his little heart..

Really Donna sending hugs I know that is super stressful....hope all ends up well.

love the picture of you and handsome too....

Lululiz said...

Poor Kessie! I hope she won't need surgery, the sweet darling.
You two are such a handsome couple, you look fantastic.

Carol said...

That darn Kes!! Whats up with rocks! Hope it passes and she avoids surgery.

some dogs I've had have eaten some stupid stuff. Not to be gross, but once I had to pull a towel out of Dino's butt.

Porky used to eat pea gravel.

I'm not even mentioning the poop! BTW, if you are ever in that situation, don't believe that meat tenderizer is a deterrent.

Beautiful picture of you and your husband. Bet that concert was Fab!

Good luck for a great weekend.
O, and Fez...don't push it. Peepin on the carpet is gonna get old!!

Tina Eudora said...

Oh poor Kes, bless her faithful heart! I hope all will be well and the news is good.
I hate to admit this and sound strange but when I was little I liked the taste of rocks and the doctor said I needed minerals in my diet. Maybe Kessie is not processing some minerals properly because of old age?
Let us all know when you get some news ok?
Fez maybe you piddled on the rug but someday all us older folks will have to wear diapers!
Tina xo

Jo said...

Hope Kessie is doing better today I love reading pup adventures I'm gearing up for a pup after 12 yrs so I'm getting some pointers

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Donna,
I certainly hope that your report from the vet is good today. Those precious pets help make our house a home!

Have a fabulous friday ~Natalie

Jane said...

I hope Kes was able to pass that rock and avoid surgery! It sounds like you had quite the day yesterday so I hope things quiet down for you today.
Great picture of you and your hubby!

Maggey and Jim said...

Hope Kes gets all those ugly things out..Not good. Lovely picture too. Love your new Fez stories..

Createology said...

Very sorry to hear of Kes not feeling well. Prayers for her. Fezzik seems to be out of sorts without Kes. Quilts can wait as life happens first. Better day today for you my dear...
P.S. You and Handsome are beautiful together.

Sarah said...

What a day. Sorry to hear Kes is in the "hospital" and pray all goes well for your sweet girl.
You and Handsome make a stunning couple! ~ Sarah

Meri Wiley said...

My prayers are sent out to the universe for Kessie. Maybe she thought she was missing some minerals and rocks were the fastest way to get em'. Let her know she can have a "Flintstones chewable" or something......LOL

Seriously, I hope she's better soon and back with her adoring family.

Love ya'

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Poor sweet baby Kes...and poor lil' Fez too, sounds like he's quite attached to his big sister.

You and the hubs look just marvelous!

Big hugs,

MosaicMagpie said...

You are not worry about that rug one little bit. I am sure you were worried about Kes and could not be bothered with potty alerts. Our Sophie has swallowed some rocks and a leather strap. She is not senile, she is a puppy. I am closer to senility than she is. The vets are very loving people and they will do their best to help Kes feel better soon. I know you miss her and your mom does to. Go over and give her some puppy love and while you are at it give her some from us as well. Don't worry Kes will be home soon and then maybe you can help point out the rocks that are not edible.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH my! Please don't tell me it has anything to do with Kes getting older. I would hate to think that this could be me a week down the road eating rocks and having to go to the Vet.
Seriously I do hope everying comes out smoothly and there is no surgery.
I am thinking of you both.
Oh Donna I love love this picture of you and handsome. You both compliment each other.

kathy said...

I hope Kes gets well soon! I have a cat who had surgery two different times for eating inappropriate things. They bounce back pretty fast once the offensive item is gone. Maybe she can get by without the surgery - that would be best for everyone!

I love the picture of you and handsome. You look like you're really enjoying yourselves, despite your trying day!


Brenda Kula said...

And "dad" was so very good-natured about it all!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Poor baby Kes! I hope she will be alright. Maybe little Fezzik got too excited and thus piddled where he shouldn't. The photo of you and Mr. Handsome is so lovely - glad to hear the concert went well. All my best to dear Kes. Theresa

Patty said...

Hope everything is okay with Kes poor Fez had a bit of a confusing day. Glad that all went well at the concert. Hugs to both your pooches.

Anne Fannie said...

Oh, I hope Kes gets better. Nothing is more upsetting to have one of your furry friends sick.
But eating rocks?? That's a new one! I had a dog eat a rug once and it blocked up his whole insides. Hope he gets better and that picture is wonderful!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Donna! Well, I giggled at the cuteness of this post, but I feel really bad for poor Kes. I hope by now he's better, and didn't need surgery. :( That little Kes is just so cute, and you and your Handsome look gorgeous! I'm so glad your first concert together went so well. Keeping my fingers crossed that Kes is fine. xo Paulette ;)

Rettabug said...

Poor Kess...and poor YOU, Donna! What a scare & a worry! Give both puppies a pat on the head once Kess gets home today & give one to Mr. Handsome, also, for a job well done last night.

If you think of it, ask him if he knows Dallas Robinson. (former neighbor) He plays French horn with the Sarasota Orchestra.

Michelle May said...

What is it with dogs eating the weirdest things? Poor baby girl!
Sounds like your day was just pure T chaos! Good grief!
You and handsome look smashing and I'm so glad you had a good time. By the way, you look really good in your glasses. :)
xx, shell

Charlene said...

What a marvelous photo of you & handsome!!!! LOVE IT!!!! HUGS to all. Charlene

BLISS angels said...

Our furry children do the stranges things sometimes but I hope she will be okay and home soon and as for the rug you wanted to get it clean so he was just helping you out . love to both of your furry children and you from my furry childern Willow and Acorn

Acorn chewed up a mr clean sponge yeserday. the question is how did he reach it? which means he can get on the chairs so I will not be leaving the turkey out... love wendy


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