September 25, 2010

Like The Flower...

Be like the flower,
turn your faces to the sun.

- Kahlil Gibran

When words escape, flowers speak.
- Bruce W. Currie

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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Dear Donna! I love the blue of that flower. It looks like plumbago. And I need to remember to face the sun. Beautiful words.

Hope you're having a gorgeous weekend. ooxx's...Tracy :)

Sherri said...

Donna, what a lovely picture and what a lovely saying!! I love that saying!! Have a lovely Sunday!

Meri Wiley said...

Hello Dearest,

What a lovely image, and thank you for sharing the poetry. The first poem is one of my favorites to use when I'm scrapbooking/collaging Journals for people.

Thank you for your lovely return comments via email. My day is just so much brighter if I've brought a smile to someones face, and yours is so lovely to start with. You must have modeled when you were younger, as you are such a stunning lady.

Love ya'

MosaicMagpie said...

A lot of truth in those words. What a lovely blue the flowers are.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Tracy is right. The plant is a plumbago! Way to go, Tracy.

Thanks to all for your kind comments today. I hope you have a restful and creative Sunday, my friends.


Jan M said...

I love these words, and I adore cape plumbago! I shared a photograph of mine last week. In our zone, I have to protect it from the sun, though! Happy Sunday!

Rettabug said...

I miss my pretty blue plumbago!! :( It was planted all around an ugly electrical box in our side yard & it camouflaged it beautifully!

Donna, I'd be happy to show you how to smock when I'm down in FL in Feb. We'll be in Bobcat Trail the entire month. I'd be happy to pleat up some fabric that you can turn into a bonnet. That's the easiest item to learn on. I'll be sure to pack my books, too. It is SEW easy & relaxing....way more fun than counted cross stitch.

I'm off to vote on the quilt fabrics now.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Karena said...

Such a beautiful floral image and the quotes....

I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

Art by Karena

Rebecca said...

Absolutely lovely my friend. Thanks for sharing!

xo~Rebecca PS: Is that MY Strawberry Rose Sachet on your sidebar? I'm LOVIN' IT! Just wanted you to know! xoxo

Cat said...

Isn't that just the most beautiful blue! Very fitting quotes too.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I answered each of the questions individually to the authors, but for the record:
Rett: I can't wait to see you when you come to FL. You're right up the road from me and I'll look forward to learning to smock from you! Thanks a million for offering.
Karena: You're's a wonderful giveaway and I've already entered. Thank you for inviting me.
Rebecca:Yes, dear. That was your strawberry. I'm so glad that you love it!
Thanks again, everyone, for leaving your comments today!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Perfectly beautiful image with words to match. Thank you! Theresa


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