September 22, 2010

The Heart Of A Giant...

Kes has been an "Only Dog" for the past 5 years, since her dad, Morgan, died. She always had other dogs around her and seemed a little lost without the companionship of another. She's been really spoiled as an only dog, and Handsome has finally started thinking about getting another male Labrador retriever. Morgan was his, and while losing him was hard for both of us, it was especially painful for him.

He's always had large dogs his whole life. Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers and a Gordon Setter were the dogs he grew up with. I had dogs of all sizes in my life - an English cocker spaniel that came with us from England, miniature schnauzers, along with German shepherds, an old English sheepdog and a dalmation. When I moved into my apartments I also had a beagle and later, a little buff-colored cocker spaniel.

I got the idea that a small, working breed might be more fun for Kes (she'll be 13 in November), than to get a dog that would get bigger and be more boisterous than she might like. I did a little research and settled on the Welsh corgi.

Handsome was pretty much flabbergasted. "What do you want with a little dog with no legs?" I could see I was going to have to push this rock uphill, and my arguments in favor of a corgi would have to be fact-based and reasonable. We had multiple conversations about the breed and the fact that they have the personality of a big dog in a little body. We talked some more.

I contacted the manager of our favorite boarding kennel and she told me about a gal who had a litter of four boys that were around 12 weeks old and looking for homes. I contacted the breeder and asked lots of questions (over a number of days), and today we went to look at them.

You do know that you never go to see the litter until you decide you'll get a pup, right? As former breeders, we always knew that if people were coming to actually see, hold and pet the pups, they would most likely leave with one. We knew not to go until we'd made that decision.
I'd like to introduce you to Fezzik. Yup. I'd even chosen his name before I saw him. I thought about Welsh names. Bryn was a Welsh name I'd chosen all those years ago for my first female Lab. Talfryn is a male variant of Bryn, but it didn't feel right. Perhaps because I wasn't getting a Lab and he wasn't going to be a little version of my beloved Bryn. Then I thought about Chip. Too simple, and Handsome said it reminded him of a local sports personality of the same name. Scratch that!

Then it hit me. Our all-time favorite movie is The Princess Bride. If you haven't seen it, you need to rent a copy and watch it. It's great for all ages, with sly humor that adults can enjoy, too. The giant in the story is played by Andre' the Giant, and his character name wass Fezzik. He's adorable.

So, I decided that my little Pembroke Welsh corgi boy would be named Fezzik. I haven't chosen his full registered name yet. I'll take more time to work on that, but his call name will remain Fezzik. A sweet-faced mini dog with the heart of a giant. I can see that it already suits him.
Kes is all waggin' tails and snuffles. She's not quite sure that she wants to share our attention with him yet, but he's already running circles around her and barking as he tries to gain her favor. I love the fact that they share the same color coat, too. Kes, with her little dog, Fessik.
Handsome has admitted that this little guy is full of charm...and he's got a great face. Who could not fall in love with this face! (I mean Fezzik. Handsome is already spoken for!)
It was a long first day for the tiny boy. As I write this, he's sound asleep in his kennel. Freshly bathed, fed, watered and aired. (You know...let the dog out, let the dog back in, repeat.)

I don't think we'll put him to work in the studio for a while. Aside from teaching him to be a good citizen, he'll be allowed to be a puppy. I sure hope you love his face, because I can guarantee you'll be seeing more of him - and Kes - in the future.

PS. Marion, my friend - I wish you lived closer. I know how much you'd love to hold this puppy. (There's still one male left in the litter!) xoxo

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Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh my gosh! He is adorable! i am in love with his cute little face. I love dogs--all dogs, but especially short-legged dogs. We have 9 miniature dachshunds now. We did raise them for a few years and these are the ones we couldn't bear to sell. I look forward to lots of stories and pictures!

the lady loves bears said...

Simply adoreable such a cutie.


Lisa Leggett said...

"Stop it now, I mean it!"

"Anybody want a peanut?"

The Princess Bride is one of my all time favorites also!

Oh Donna! I am SO IN LOVE with your new little man, Fezzik! And such a coincidence too as *just this morning* I received an email from a friend with a litter of Welsh Corgies that are ready for homes(she know's how I love them and what a sucker I am for a puppy face, darn her!) and my husband and I were just talking tonight of adding another "kid" to the couch. Seeing this happy post doesn't make it any easier. What's a girl to do??

Many wishes for years & years of happy pup kisses!

p.s. Welcome to Bloglandia, Fezzik!

Aaaaas Youuuuu Wisssssh...

nancy huggins said...

Now you know who else would love to hold the little guy...We only went to look at a mixed Lab and wanted a black one and name her Maggie Mae...then we saw this little Brown pup laying on top of her siblings looking so scared..and along came Calli and now they stay together like they both have velcro on them (I am sure you have heard pleanty about both of them. My one friend says I have 3 dogs..and...Maggie:)
I got a call from the vet yesterday that Maggie is due for her heartworm follow up check up...can't do it for a few weeks until we get moved and keeping my fingers crossed and praying. I am looking forward to seeing more about that little guy with the cute face :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sooooo cute. What an adorable little fella... I've decided if we ever get another dog, I'd like a Corgi too.

Warm blessings,

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh Donna! You are such a clever lady! I think you chose the perfect companion for Kes and yourselves! He is absolutely beautiful! That face! He makes my heart melt. I will happily watch for him on future posts. Twyla

The Paper Princess said...

Hi Donna,

Fezzik is just adorable! He has the sweetest face! I love your art but I am an animal lover too so I can't wait to see more of him and Kes on your blog!

Speaking of blogs - not sure if you caught my note but be sure to stop by Create With Joy and check out my 9/20 post - there's a surprise waiting for you there!


Ana said...

Es precioso¡¡¡ Tiene una carita divina.A mi me encantan los perros.Tengo tres, y le quiero mucho , hacen mucha compañia y son muy fieles.Un saludo

Megan Chamberlain said...

Your new baby is adorable, I love his face, he just has the most wonderful smile/look. Too adorable for words and he fits right in with Kes.

The Farmer's Attic said...

He is just tooooo stinkin' cute!!! Have fun!

Liszha said...

Oh, what a cutie! Wish I could get into the computer and hug her for a while.

Lululiz said...

He is totally adorable and I love his name. Looking forward to seeing lots and lots of lovely photos of him and Kes.

downsize said...

You're right Donna, I would love to be right there snugglin' on that cute little guy! Oh how I miss our Ben. They are so entertaining, little clowns. As if I needed another reason for a visit!

Tina Eudora said...

What a sweetheart! That has got to be the most precious face I have seen in a long time! I love dogs (no secret there) although I have many rescued cats, but holding a puppy is a special thing. Oh I envy you right now!!! Have fun with that little angel and new friend for Kes!
Tina xo

The French Bear said...

Fezzik is absolutely adorable!!! I love dogs, especially golden ones....I have always wanted one but because I am gone so long all day I haven't had one yet. He is so sweet and I love his name, what a gorgeous face!!!
Dee, I am so happy that Fezzik has come to live with you and Kes is happy to have a brother, look at his pink ears...awww!!!
Thanks for you sweet words, I love my blog girlfriends, you make me feel so much better!!!!

DeeDee said...

So very happy for your new member to your family..does he realize just how lucky he is....we do...he is adorbale..and the pictures make my heart sing...

Sherri said...

Oh Donna I absolutely love Corgi's and your Fezzik is just the cutest thing!! Kes is also very cute! What wonderful fun they will both have! Good luck!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

My NAME IS Inigo Montoya !!!!!!
One of my favorite books and movies too and a PERFECT name. What a beautiful fella and now he has the perfect home.

Anonymous said...

He is so will be good for him and Kes to have each other, even if he has to climb up on a chair to chew on her ears!
It's nice to have an older dog to help housebreak a puppy, too.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, what a sweet face!!!

When we got Sophie I was a bit worried about Kodak as he'd been king of the roost for a year and I think enjoyed being the only four-legged creature in the house but as much as he gets annoyed with Sophie and her puppy antics he loves the companionship, especially when we have to leave for a bit.

Sophie caught a rat last night, EEEEEKKKK!!!!

I looked forward to reading and seeing more photos of your babies!


MosaicMagpie said...

And they called it Puppy Love!
I am so enjoying my Sophie there is nothing better than the love you see in the eyes of a dog.

Claudia said...

Oh, Donna, can I come over? He is absolutely adorable! His name suits him, I think! It sounds Dickensian and it is perfect for that compact little body with the sweet face.

Congratulations, my friend!


Susan deGeneres said...

Your little guy porvided just the touch of sweetness I need this morning.


Meri Wiley said...

OMG Donna,

What a face, and "Fezzik" we love that name. My husband and I are huge "Princess Bride" fans, and we manage to spout dialogue in our daily lives, that we feel is pertinent. One of our favorites: inconceivable! That word is used a lot around our house.

Have much fun with your new bundle of puppy smelling energy.

Love ya'

Jan M said...

That little face and your words just turned my heart into a big puddle. What a cutie. No wonder he had to come home with you! Happy Puppy Days!

Createology said...

Kes and Fezzik will be great friends. Your newest family member is adorable. What a sweet little guy. Happy puppying...

Susie said...

What an adorable little man! My golden retriever would dearly love to be smaller than he really is, and fezzik would be just the ticket! I'd love another dog but we have to make do with one!

Whimsey Creations said...

He is adorable. Those pictures just make you want to hug him!

Snap said...

I think I'm in love! What a cutie! Welcome Fezzik!

Karen M said...

What a sweet face! Great name choice, also.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

He is absolutely precious!
Congrats on your new baby boy!


Michelle May said...

Looooooooooove him!!! Loooooooooooove him!!!
I'm so excited and even more excited that we will see more of him and Kessie girl. The fuzzy one's are so much fun!
xx, shell

Charlene said...

Oh I lost Ms Reba in February & I ache with the hole she has left. But, I just haven't been able to muster getting a new puppy. Then I see my friend Riki's new puppy & then Fezzik's face just made my heart MELT!!!!!!!!!!! Oh he is a doll. Enjoy every puppy moment because like a baby they grow up soooooooooooooo fast. Have a great weekend. Charlene

Shirley said...

Hi Donna, Your new furry friend is so cute. Our kids have a corgi and a blue healer and they looked like yours when they first got their corgi. Their blue healer wasn't to sure about another dog at first. I know that he will be an enjoyment to you all. Have a wonderful day, Your Missouri Friend.
P,S. We were almost home when it started to rain.

Diane H said...

Congratulations! It's always lovely to have more than one dog to enjoy their interactions and let them be part of a true dog pack.


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