February 19, 2010

Wild Hogs...

Have you ever seen this movie? It's a real hoot. Guys who get together,
take a motorcycle road trip and have a great time riding.
l-r: The Architect, Handsome and 'Ser
On Sunday, Handsome's brother, 'Ser (nickname) and their mutual friend, "The Architect" (obviously, also a nickname) arrived to spend the week riding Harleys and "telling fresh lies". I let 'Ser use my Deuce as I still have a lifting restriction for another week (the last limit of my recent surgery). "The Architect" rented a Road King, and Handsome used his own Heritage Softail (but, of course!).

The weather was less than our usual February temperate weather. In fact, it was downright cold for the guys, but they wore all the leathers we collectively own and they rode without complaint. Heck, at least it wasn't raining or snowing! There were a couple of local rides, and then they took one long ride with an overnight in Everglades City south of Naples, FL.
There was a lot of chanting "Wiiiiillllllldddd Hogs!", followed by the requisite snorting. Cracked me up - even after four days of it! And it sure beats the wild hog that visited here last spring! These guys didn't tear up the house or the yard.

Last night, we headed over to see Handsome performing with the NP Concert Band (I'll post new music videos soon), and had dinner out after the concert. We had a great time together and they were sufficiently wowed by Handsome's performance. (We're all so unashamedly biased!)
They left for the airport Friday morning. I miss them already!
Thanks to everyone who has visited Brynwood recently. I'm really enjoying reading all your comments, and promise that I'll visit each and every one of your blogs as soon as I'm able. If you've chosen to follow along, know that I strive to make this a welcoming, creative and joyful place for you to visit.

Thanks, also, for all your gracious comments about my finished Beaded Shawl and that luscious yarn I knitted into a cowl. I've listed up the finished Flower Cowl for sale in the Boutique (click here), and I have also made the cowl pattern available as a pdf file in my Etsy shop (click here).

I don't know the meaning of the word "bored". My time is filled with family, friends and creative endeavors, and every person I visit through this blog inspires and awes me with their talent. If you're not a "crafter", perhaps your creations are in the kitchen, or in other areas of your life. Never think that you are without creative talent. I'm convinced it just isn't so.

I'd love to hear what you've done lately...What is your special interest? What makes you happy? Crafting? Kids? Grandkids? Volunteering? Cooking? Gardening? (Oh, you've got me there! I have the blackest thumb you'll ever see! The only thing I can cultivate around here are succulents, because they thrive on neglect.) Sorry, I digress...I'd really like to know what "floats your boat". Thanks again for visiting. I love reading your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Don't forget to enter my 300th Post drawing - and at the rate we're going, I'll be celebrating 300 Followers before too long! You're all just amazing!

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh what a fun post! I love it....I can just picture the Wild Boys having a grand ole time on their bikes.
I am always in awe of you and for some reason I always have you in my mind at Handsome concerts but never on a Hog...hahaha
Hope your getting better every day...this post before this one is what I am talking about when I think of you...This shawl is just unreal absolutely lovely...just as you are friend...
I love the picture of you and the two wild bikers. Is the one on the left married well my left anyway...hahahahaha

The Lone Dollier said...

Your cowl and shawl were awesome! I wish I could knit like that or at least afford to purchase other's creations. Oh well, I can look!

Don't feel bad, I have a black thumb too and succulents are all I can grow. I'm afraid a freeze we had down here may have killed my oldest cacti. I'll be heartbroken if it doesn't come back. I've had it for 12 years and it had grown quite tall. My son didn't cover it well enough because my husband poo-poo'd the fact they needed covering. Now he's eating his words and feeling sorry for not making sure it was done! Serves the turkey right LOL. I'll just make him buy me more this spring.

Let's see, what makes me happy? Family, good frieds, junkin' finds, antique photos, and free time to putter in my studio (of which I have little of right now). The good things in life are those closest to the heart.


DeeDee said...

the Wild Hogs look like a very fun bunch to hang out with...lol...very cute pics

What floats my boat this week has been celebrating my Birthday...I had a freind just take over my day...brought dinner and spirits, freinds and we crafted all the day away...pics soon to come of my week and my gifts recieved...

hope you are fully well soon and back on they ride...enjoy your weekend Donna

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Love that movie and I'm smiling at the new cast of characters in your real life revival!

I hope your feeling well and improving everyday.

Floating my boat in this chapter of my life...Thankfulness for lovely artists like you...my family...my life...and each new adventure I'm experiencing in the world of blog...

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

What floats my boat???hmmmmmmmm,now let me see, first and foremost, my eldest son and daughter, they bring the greatest joy,and ofcourse my puppy who is the brightest light in my morning sun,the love of my life, who is a constant and ever welcome being in my world, and last, but by no means least,knowing my God is with me each and every day, the rest is frosting on this FAB' cake we call life.Love the pic's of handsome and his buddies,look as though they had a ball.

chicroses said...

What fun your guy and friends were having..on those hogs.Love your knitted things. There is so many beautiful yarns out there that it makes me want to take up crocheting and knitting. Sally

Suzann said...

Yesterday I saw a Harley on the road - and for Chicago in February, that is pure JOY. Today? not so much - snow again.
Me? I've been stitching and reading and and and...

Michelle (Shell) May said...

What a fun bunch of Wild Hogs! hee,hee,hee.
Sounds like they had so much fun!
I'm right there with ya girlfriend....total black thumb.
have a fun day!

Tumbleweed Trails said...

Sssccreaaamm! What a hoot! I can only imaigne the fun the fellas have acting out "Wild Hogs." That movie was terrific and it's no surprise that many out there can relate. Thanks for sharing the pics and story. Love it!

Jane said...

Sounds like you all had a great time. Lots of laughs and that's so important!!
I love coming to your blog Donna...you always inspire me with your projects and your wonderful, happy spirit!!

Deb said...

I have seen that movie and thought it was a real hoot. Sounds like the boys had a wonderful time together! I directed my friend to you blog because she does a lot of lace knitting and I wanted her to see your wonderful finish!

And I think what makes me the most happy besides family is crafting. I'd be lost without it.

Shirley said...

I so enjoy reading your blog. My son-in-law is the president of the local hogg group. They do a winter bike ride each year. We usually babysit their little boy. With hubby's health the way that it is, if the weather permits we take off and go for a drive one the weekend. We never know where we are headed or what we are going to do. I found the neatest little guilt shop call Sew Bee It. They carry the needles that I like to use for my embroidery work.
They were to have a parade tonight down town, but I think it is cancelled with the weather like it is. Taje care,


What a "HANDSOME" bunch of wil hogs. They must have had a blast Your shawl is so beautiful, as is all your work. It is so lovely. I craft, but my specialty is cooking and my grandchildren. I just love them so much. They make my days so much brighter. looking forward to your next post. Hugs, Linda

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

How cute!
Do you know that that's the one thing I'm scared to do...get on a motorcycle? Yep, it's true. I'm pretty fearless otherwise. It does look like such fun, though!

I've never seen that movie (Wild Hogs), but I know the premise. It would've cracked me up, too!

What have I done lately? Mostly just studying and blogging when I should've been studying. ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What floats my boat. I love that phrase! Well, definitely going antiquing! Then comes yarn, glorious yarn. Give me my knitting needles or crochet hooks and yarn and my boat floats! Twyla


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