October 30, 2011

Memory Lane Monday - Halloweens Past...

Of course, I have lots of childhood memories spent Trick or Treating in Wisconsin, but lucky for me alas there are no photographs to share. I can tell you that I do remember more than one Halloween where we had to wear long pants and warm, wool coats under our costumes because it had snowed. I know there are children in the northeastern United States who will be able to relate to that this year!

But...I do have photographs of my two yellow Labradors, Kes and Bannor who let me dress them up long enough to snap my camera to prove it. In 2002, I dressed Kessie up as a witch because that was always her nickname when she was younger. She was a willful, little witch, which I know is hard for you to believe considering how she grew sweeter as she got older. Handsome walked into the house and laughed out loud when he saw her sitting in the chair, all dressed up.
I had a giraffe costume that I slipped onto Bannor, and he rewarded my efforts by promptly flopping down on the carpet and refusing to stand up. He could be a real clown, but he didn't find anything humorous about this get-up...even though I thought he looked adorable. (The two black spots on the top of his head are the giraffe's eyes; ears out to the side and those nobby thingies on the giraffe's head are those tan appendages.)
These aren't our dogs, but I always wish we'd thought of it! Aren't they just the cutest, well-behaved,  little ghosties?

There was one Halloween (circa 1981 or 1982) when Handsome and I dressed up, but for the life of me I can't find the pictures to share. Handsome was dressed as Merlin and I was his black cat. I had made both costumes for us and we were quite the pair.

Merlin wore a long, hooded robe in a shimmering black/burgundy fabric. At that time, we powdered his beard and mustache so it would look grey. Now, imagine a black velvet swimsuit with a long tail attached, and you'll have a good image of younger, thinner me. I even made black velvet ears that I pinned into my hair. Oh, yes. It wasn't particularly warm that year either, so I kept my Icelandic wool coat close at hand. (Yup. I just spent another hour looking and can't find the picture, but I promise to do a separate post later if I locate it!)
I can't close this Memory Lane Monday without at least one photograph of our two sons when they were youngsters. Son #1 was about 10 and Son #2 was around 5. Zorro and Chewbacca. What a pair! I have a few others, but I don't think they'll let me get away with more than one, so I won't push my luck.
Thanks so much for sharing my Halloween memories today. I hope I helped stir a few memories of your own of ghosts and goblins (big or small) from years past. I also have a linky thingie below in case you've written about Halloween and would like to link back here to share them.

Don't eat too much candy corn tonight and let's keep all our children safe as they enjoy a fun tradition handed down through the years.
Happy Halloween, y'all!

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How cute are these pictures. I am lucky enough to be with grandbabies tonight and they grabbed their computers so I had to grab mine ...heeheee I had to show them your pictures. Now that got them wound up so I am off here.
Hopefully tomorrow when I am alone I can do my post for you

Marydon said...

How adorably sweet the pooch. Do I see enthusiasm there in that costume, chuckle!

Yes, the children this year will be bundled to the hilt here in the NE ... that gorgeous fluffy white stuff beautified our side of the world.

How cute your sons ... don't you just love the memories of their youth?

Did you know that one cup of candy corn has less calories than popcorn! Yup! The Dr. said so ... so guess what we are eating tomorrow night, the kind with the chocolate tips.

GOO-T-ful Halloween wishes, sweet friend.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks for the information about candy corn. I'll be laying in a supply for tomorrow too - now!

nancy huggins said...

Love the pictures of the doggies. I put a sweat shirt on Maggie tonight and she didn'y like it but didn't try to get it off. When I look back at Halloweens from years ago I remember all the costumes I made every year and a lot of them won contests. I am kind of glad it is just memories..Could not handle doing that now. 9 kids to dress up plus always made goodies for them to take to school. I doub't if any of them now as adults have a clue as to how much work it was :)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Donna Sweetie...
A beautiful share. Love seeing the critters, so sweet. They grow fast too don't they. (I can hardly believe that my Handsome is already 9 1/2 years old.)

Thank you for sharing and for hosting Memory Lane today. As always a wonderful pleasure to pop by and join in the fun.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Carol said...

We have tons of great Halloween memories. Some included when we used to dress Fuzz and Dino and take them trick or treating to my MIL's.

Mostly, the best memories are of my grandsons and all the antics they got into. Fun to remember back, isn't it.

happy Halloween.

Sherri said...

Donna, those doggie costumes are so cute!! The last picture of the group of ghost doggies had me laughing so loud-they are great!!!

Happy Halloween to you and yours!!

Createology said...

Wonderful Halloween memories...your boys are so cute and the fur-boys are priceless. Kes was a wonderful witch. As for Bannor I guess the weight of the Giraffe was just too much. So fun. I won't be posting my Memory Lane as my scanner is down for the month and I just found out last night late. However I am carrying on the traditions of my Grandma with the witch costuming.
Happy Haunting...

Claudia said...

Love seeing the sweet doggies in costume. We always tried to dress up our dogs but they would have none of it.

And yes, growing up in Michigan, I had many a Halloween with a coat on - completely ruining my costume!


Minimiss said...

Love the cute little doggy ghosties with the punkins.


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