February 17, 2011

Fezzik Friday - 35 Weeks...

Hi, everybody!
It's me, The Fez-meister.
Can you believe it's time for another Fessik Friday already?
Mom decided to do a little organizing in the studio yesterday, and she asked if I'd like to help. Well, I'm always a willing participant, so I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into her project.
Then, I found out that she didn't want me to chew these cardboard-y thingies. She wanted me to help her fold some of her quilt backing fabrics onto them. I. Don't. Think. So! What fun is that?

I decided to just lie down on the floor here and wait until she was all finished with her organizing. What does she think I am, anyway? A shitzu, or something? I had to keep up my manly image. I thought she wanted something "deconstructed", and instead she wanted me to help her do somethin' "girly".
She managed just fine without my help. I was happy to just lie around and supervise...trying not to lend a stray hair here or there. Mom doesn't like dog hair on her fabrics! Go figure. I thought they added character.

She kept smiling as she folded all the fabrics, while she muttered things like, "Lily and Will" and "Martinique", and "Collection For A Cause". Then, she said something about "Stash! Mine...all mine". Honestly. I thought she was just going to spread all the fabric out on the floor and roll around in it. (Now, THAT'S something I could have helped with!)
She took a shelf out of her narrow cabinet, and put some of the bolts of fabric into it. She said that now she'll be able to see some of the pretty stuff when she looks up from her sewing machine. I can't fully appreciate that part, dogs being color blind, and all.
But it looks like there are still a few things up there that I'd be happy to chew on. Hmmmm. Now, where did I put my little step stool? Oops. You didn't hear that, did you? No. Whew!

Thanks for stopping by again. I hope you have fun things planned for the weekend. I'm thinking about running, chasing the cardinals in our yard (one of my current favorite things to do), bothering Kes whenever I can, and looking cute so that Mom and Dad will rub my ears or my belly. Life is tough for a corgi, you know!

We hope you have a few fun things planned at your house, too. I'll see you again next week. Until then, try not to chew up any cardboard. I'm gonna try really hard not to either. (yeah, right!)

Fezzik Inconceivable

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Sarah said...

Tell your mom her studio looks delightful! Sounds like you have a great weekend planned!

Charlene said...

Fez my man... Your Manly side is safe & Elle knows what you mean about giving things a little CHEW!
Charlene & Elle

Faye said...

Oh Fez!!! Your mom did good!! Looking at those luscious fabrics on those bolts has got to be very inspirational for her!! LOVE that idea and I so so glad you were there to help!!! Faye

Carol said...

Hi Fez
My mom is just like yours. She won't let me roll in her fabric either. She lets me roll in my blankie though. Its warm and fuzzie made out of something called fleece. It has puppy paws all over it. That's how I know its mine AND because it smells like me. Sometimes she sprays this vanilla stuff on it. Then I smell like vanilla to. She likes that, but me...not..too..much. I think she should get some of that old spice stuff, then I could be like that guy on TV...look at your dog...now look at ME!! Do you like that guy?

Well, mom's gettin annoyed cause I'm hoggin the puter.
Woof Woof
Black Jack Shelack

sissie said...

Hi Fezzik!
I just love coming over to hear what you have to say. Your dog speak is excellent and you sure have some pretty ears! My kitties would love you.

Your Mom sure is organized and I can see why she gets so excited about that lovely fabric....it's a people thing. My kitties like to get right to the cardboard too....they say it tastes like chicken!!! LOL!

Okay Fez, see you next week.


Sherri said...

Fezz, I love what your Mom did with her fabrics in her studio. I had a mental picture of your rolling around in all the fabrics, which made me smile :)! You have a wonderful weekend planned, until next Friday my friend!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Mmmmm, yummy fabric!

And Winnie said to tell Fez that animal hair most definitely adds character!


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Fez, I so enjoyed reading about you "helping". Well SOMEONE has to be the overseer, don't they???
Have fun at the weekend. Sandy. :)

Mary said...

Fezzik you're wonderful !

Createology said...

Fezzik you are one talented story teller. Donna your studio is looking as fabulous as a fine fabric store. Happy weekend to all...

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Now Fez - cardboard is not good for a pup. Just like paintbrushes are not good for my pup! But you are so very cute - and it was nice of you to help (or watch) mom fold all those pretty fabrics. Now be good and stay away from cardboard! LOL :) Theresa

Sharon said...

That Fez is adorable! You can just see the mischief on his face. I'd love to have him over to play in the backyard with my girls.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I swear that Fezzie gets cuter every week! I'm sure he never does anything wrong! In the 4th photo down, the bolt of fabric that is 3rd up from the bottom with the blue swirl and tan just makes my heart go pitty pat! Hope you have a nice weekend! Twyla

Michelle May said...

Fezzie boy, I can just imagine you and mom rolling on your backs all over the fabric. Too darn funny!
xx, shell


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