February 10, 2011

Fezzik Friday - 8 Months...

Hi, everybody. It's me again!

I was so surprised when Mom told me that I'm eight months old already. Golly, time sure flies when you're a corgi puppy...a Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy. (That's a little joke.) I was with Mom, Dad and Kessie on a little day trip last week and this lady kept walking past me with her husband saying, "That's a Pembroke Welsh corgi. I've always wanted one." I got a little nervous, thinking she might try to grab my leash and run! (Sorry. Mom says I'm getting sidetracked.)

I decided that I'd share my list of favorite things with you this week. I know. It's hard to believe that I have a whole list at my tender, young age, but I'm not kidding. There are some things that I really like! Here goes...

Fezzik's Favorites
  1. I like Kes. A lot. I'm really glad, too, because I sure had to work hard enough for her to be friends with me. Now, we really have a lot of fun together. Of course, I love Mom and Dad, too!
  2. I like cottage cheese in my food. Mom mixes just one heaping tablespoon in with my Eukanuba Lamb & Rice, and then just a little hot water so it makes gravy. Sounds yummy, doesn't it?
  3. I like my swimming pool. But, you already knew that, didn't you? (See the picture? I like jumping up onto the chaise, too...all by myself! Clever, right? I bet you didn't think I was big enough to do that yet.)
  4. I like running really fast. It's been a little more difficult these days. It was easy to tear through the house when there was carpeting. Now, when I've really got my running paws on, I've got no "gription" on the hard floors. Wiping out is not on my favorites list.
  5. I like jumping up to greet people. Mom says I have to work on this. She doesn't want me hurting anyone or acting unruly. I'm trying not to do this, but sometimes I get so excited that I forget.
  6. I like helping Mom or Dad walk to the mailbox. I've got that program down pat. They say, "Wanna go for walkies?" Heck, yeah! When we get to the end of the blacktop - where it meets a piece of concrete - I sit down and don't move a muscle until they come back from the mailbox. Then they tell me what a good boy I am and I can run back up to the house. I'm not sure why Kes doesn't sit down with me, but Mom said her hips hurt too much to sit all the time. Old ladies!
  7. I like sleeping under Mom and Dad's bed. Dad calls me The House Weasel when I do that, and then he laughs at me. What can I say? It's warm under there!
  8. I like going for rides in Mom or Dad's trucks. What? Didn't you ever see the commercial that says, "Dogs Love Trucks"? I'm not tall enough to jump into the truck myself, but I always hop a little into Mom's arms to try to help her lift me in. We ride all over. Mom says when it gets really hot in Florida again, we won't be able to ride along. It isn't safe for us then, unless she keeps the air conditioning on even when she's not in the car. "Safety, First", Mom says!
  9. I like treats. The only treat I can have are the puppy-size Eukanuba biscuits. Mom gives them to Kes and me after we come when we're called, or if we do something good. She gets the puppy-size because then we won't get fat having a couple each day. Mom doesn't want us to be fat dogs, and she says that if I stay slim it will be better for my back. Speaking of which...
  10. I like sleeping on my back. A lot. Like, whenever I sleep. I don't just like sleeping on my back. I love sleeping on my back. My legs just go limp. Mom says I look like a stuffed animal that a little kid just tossed on the floor. Then she laughs. I like it when they laugh.
  11. I like writing my "Fezzik Friday" posts. When I first found out that Mom would let me do this, I was a little worried. Now that I've got the hang of it, I look forward to chatting with you. You've all made me feel pretty darn special. Thanks.
Well, that's my list for now. I'm sure that I'll have more to add when I'm nine months old.
See you next week.
'til then,
Fezzik Inconceivable

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Ruby said...

Fezzik, You can be counted on for a good laugh. Thank you! Here' a cyber HUG!

Carol said...

Hi Fez
My mom read your post to me. You are a pretty peppy pup and you must be pretty slender with all the exercise you get. I used to have that much energy. I used to be able to do the Kidney Bean Dance all day long. You know, that's the dance that Boxers do when we are happy or see a squirrel. We like a lot of the same things, but I don't have a swimming pool. We used to but I don't know why we don't anymore.
Well, go have fun in the sun. We have lots of snow here and I'm staying in because I have the same problem with my hips, like Kes does.
Bib Boxer snorts,

Michelle May said...

Fezzie my boy, I just love everything about you! Can't believe it has been 8 months already. Dag!
Smooches to you and Kessie girl from Auntie Shell

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Fezzik, I loved reading about you and Kes too. I used to have a lovely little Corgi.X called Ralph. He was a real character just like you. He liked to get under our bed, too, especially to try and hide when it was bath time-LOL.
I have a little dog now she is a Tibetan Spaniel/Pomeranian X, I call her Honeybunny. :) I told her all about you and Kes and ahe is sending you both a "woof" and friendly wave of her paw!!! Bye for now, Sandy.

The French Bear said...

Fez, you are just so darn cute!!! Wow, eight months already...Mom and Dad are very lucky to have you!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Fez, I like you A Lot! I loved reading the things that you like. I have a dog who likes to sleep on his back too. Have a fun day! Twyla

nancy huggins said...

Hi Fez...You are 1 special little pup. I wonder if you would like Maggie and Calli..Probably not necause they are so big and they don't mind as good as you...They are huge now and still have puppy brains at almost 2 years old. You can read about them soon in my blog because I like posting about all my fur babies. See ya next week..Take care :)

Marydon said...

Fez, you are adorable .. & it is probably pretty hard work training Mom & Dad to your regime. Woof!

Happy Valentine's PS weekend ~

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Happy birthday, you sweet boy! Can't believe you are eight months old already. You are such a handsome young pup. :) Thanks for sharing all your favorite things with us! Theresa

Liszha said...

Why couldn't I be you? Being loved and fed and cared for.
And than I would have this great swimmingpool to spent the time in when I am not being cuddled...........sigh......what a life you have got!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Oh Fez, you write the best posts!
I think I've said it before, but you really need to start your own blog. I think a blog about nothing but your adventures would be awesome!!!

Big wet puppy kisses to you! :-0


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