February 13, 2011

*Lunch Changes Everything...

I participated in Debbie's Heart Swap at Mosaic Magpie. We were to create a heart that could be hung, and send it off to Debbie. She would then take all the collected hearts, trade them around and send them out to another participant.
This is the beautiful wool felt heart I received from Sherry of Blessings From Our Nest Tiny ribbon roses, a heart, lace and a button. She hand stitched one of my favorite words, "Joy". When I owned my shop in Wisconsin, I always closed my newsletters with "Joy! Donna". (I chose a word that started with the same letter as the silent "j" in my last name. "Joy" was just a natural choices for me.)

Sherry didn't know this, and she didn't know who would receive her creation, so this was a lovely surprise for me. Thank you, Sherry. I'll treasure it always.

Debbie also included a little heart, cut from a vintage quilt. I'm sure I'll find something special for this, too! Thank you, Debbie.
I want to share a short story with you to explain the title of this blog post. You know that Handsome is an accompanist with the Chorale and The Soundsations. We're currently rehearsing our February program for a concert on the 26th. In keeping with a Valentine's Day theme, there are a LOT of songs with "love" in the title and lyrics. We were commenting on this with Pat (our director), and she was laughing at some of her choices. (They're not all happy. In fact, some are downright tragic! Like "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic, for one.)

Handsome decided to share a story with all of us. Being an accomplished jazz musician, as well as enthusiast, he has listened to, accompanied and seen performances of a wide variety of jazzers (the great and the near-great) through the years. He tells this story about a wonderful pianist by the name of George Shearing.

Mr. Shearing was going to sing a love song called "Love Walked In", but having performed it for a long time, he did what many musicians do (including Handsome)...he fiddled with the lyrics. He invited the audience to help him with this song, and whenever he said the word "love", he wanted them to imagine using the word, "lunch" instead.
As Handsome told this story to the Soundsations singers, they all started to giggle. One of the guys who will sing a solo in one of the numbers immediately said, "Lunch Changes Everything", which just cracked up Pat. Then another said, "How about Endless Lunch?" Now they were getting the hang of it! We laughed about it every time we pulled out another piece of Valentine's Day sheet music. Someone would share the "revised" title.

So, how 'bout a little Valentine's Day fun? Choose your favorite love song and share the "new" title in the comments section. I'm sure everyone will have a good laugh. I'll choose my favorites to share with you tomorrow.

* By the way, I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but the real lyrics of my title, "Lunch Changes Everything" and "Endless Lunch" are actually "Love Changes Everything" and "Endless Love". Puts a whole new spin on the song, don't you agree? I can't wait to read the titles you choose.

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends
Thanks again, Sherry and Debbie.
Hearts and Hugs to all of you.

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My Vintage Studio said...

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

The French Bear said...

Happy Heart Day Dee, love the heart, that is very beautiful!!!
Love the new Airstream!!!!

Michelle May said...

Score a big one on the swap-o-meter! That heart is gorgeous! Sherry is so sweet!

Ok..here's my love/lunch song swap.

"The Power of Lunch" by Celine Dion. Hee,hee,hee. This was fun!

Happy Valentines day sweets!
love ya,

Ruby said...

Love the heart. Lucky you. I am so terrible at remembering songs but the movie was on recently. Here goes:

Lunch is a Many Splendid Thing

And I wouldn't be surprised if I've got it wrong. LOL

Whimsey Creations said...

Oh there are so many, where do I begin. How about Secret Lunch by Doris Day or better yet Prisoner of Lunch by Perry Como? And then there's April Lunch by Pat Boone or A Big Hunk O' Lunch by Elvis Presley. Or, or, or, what about Where Did Our Lunch Go by the Supremes. Heeeeeeelllppp I can't stop. The best one - Can't Buy Me Lunch by the Beatles. OK OK I'll stop now.

Sherri said...

Donna, that heart is just wonderful!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sherry said...

I am so happy that you received my heart. It is great how everything worked out. I love the heart you sent me and I will share my post with pictures of it some time today. Your little game has been fun. I have a couple of songs to share. "Best of my lunch" by the Eagles and "I think I lunch you" by the Partridge family.

Julia said...

The heart you sent Sherry is gorgeous. I really like the one you got from her, too. A great idea for a swap.

Suzann said...

LOVE that heart.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!

Judy C said...

Happy Valentines day!
Heres one for you Whats lunch got to do with it?
or who wrote the book of lunch?

to much fun!


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