February 15, 2011

Oak Rainbowtree...

I saw this link on Susan's blog, Art of Mine, and I was intrigued. So I clicked on the link, typed in my first and last name as requested, and this is what I got back:
My fairy name is Oak Rainbowtree
She brings good fortune.
She lives in forests of oak and lime trees.
She is only seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.
She wears pretty autumnal leaf colours and
has multicoloured wings like a butterfly.
Get your own fairy name from the Fairy Name Generator!
I just smiled. Perfect! The cosmos (or at least The Fairy Name Generator) has confirmed what I already knew. More acorns.

The acorns in the photo were created just for me by Michelle Palmer. Just in time, too! ;-) The "Acorn Fairy" is a recent purchase from Studio Ferguson by Lisa Ferguson. (Here's the link to her etsy shop.)

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Liszha said...

Wow! That is freaky! I am quickly gonna have a look myself!

Claudia said...

I'm going to go check this out! I would love to have a Fairy Name!


Sherri said...

Wow Donna, I think that is really funny that your name involves acorns!! What a coincidence!!! I love it!

sjmcdowell said...

Hello Oak Rainbowtree!!!

Oh gee what a great coincidence!!

I am so glad that I had that on my blog for you to investigate further.

Not sure my fairy name fits me,
I just put it up for fun....and glad I did now!!

Hugs and Smiles,


Createology said...

Hello Miss Oak Rainbowtree. Your new fairy name is ever so appropriate. Love the special handdrawn acorns from Michelle Palmer for you. Happy fairyland...

te_roti said...

What a gorgeous fairy.


Columbine Goblinshimmer
aka Minimiss

Faerie Moon Creations said...

That was just SO appropriate for you! My fairy name is Buttercup Hailfly! :) She protects and comforts the lonely.
She lives in clover fields where fairy rings grow.
She is only seen at midday under a quiet, cloudless sky.
She wears bright clover green and has cheery turquoise wings like a butterfly! Theresa :)

Jillayne said...

How perfect is that! fairies are very clever so it's no surpriise they got you right, Funny how things go that way...

Sarah said...

Oh, an acorn fairy! Now that's a delightful thought. I must visit this site. You know acorns are a favorite here at HFTS? My sister recently gave me a special little silver gift sporting a few acorns. I shared it for my recent Silver Sunday post. ;-)
Hugs to you and your acorn fairy ~ Sarah


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