October 24, 2010

A Little More Detail...

My last photo post about the batik "Thank You Quilt" elicited a question that I thought I'd answer for everyone who might be curious (and then I'm going to share just a little ok, a LOT more detail about the quilt, too). Jillayne wrote a comment asking about the ruler:


The colours are fabulous - the perfect choice for the seaside! That ruler is pretty spiffy and the perfect thing for those Jelly Rolls - what's it called?It looks nifty, swifty to me! Have fun placing and re-arranging today!

Here are the labels so that you can see what you'll be shopping for...Creative Grids is the name of the manufacturer. (Don't forget - you can always click on any of my photos to enlarge them.)
The ruler I used for this quilt is called the 45º Double-Strip Half-Square Triangle Ruler, although there are rulers for other block configurations available, too. No math skills required. Just line up per instructions and cut. Easy Peasy!
This is what the entire ruler looks like. It has a 2 1/2" wide ruler running the entire length, so that you can cut your own strips from yardage - if you chose your own assortment instead of purchasing the pre-cut 2 1/2" jelly rolls. With all the stash I have, this part of the ruler will really come in handy in the future!

Then, once you've assembled one light and one dark strip together, you place the triangle part of the ruler on the fabric to cut the triangles. You only have to be sure to place the dotted line (it's located in the mid-point of each triangle) directly on your seam line between the two strips before you make your cuts with a rotary cutter. You can see how I cut the strips here.

Note: If you want the top of your triangle to be on the right - you need to cut your triangles with the BACK side of the fabric facing up (as I did with the triangle marked "light" below).

Likewise, if you want your triangle tops on the left side - cut your fabric RIGHT side up (like the triangle marked "dark" below).
Once you've cut your triangles (each strip will create light and dark triangles), you assemble a dark and a light triangle to make a square. (That's what quilters mean when they say "half-square triangles". When you put two halves together, you get a square!) Still no math required.

You'll notice that the dark triangle in this photo has a top on the left, and the light triangle has a top on the right. You need to do this or your triangles will not create squares when assembled.
When you place your next square, you'll want to be sure that you lay a light triangle next to a dark, and a dark next to the light as show above.
Four squares ready to be assembled into a block.
This is what the block will look like when it's sewn. I just laid the triangles closer together for this photo, and have not actually sewn it together yet.
These four blocks have been assembled and I'm showing you how I preview the layout. You want to be sure that you place lights next to darks when you assemble to quilt top so that the color values alternate.

One thing I wanted to mention is that I decided that all aspects of the block I'm making would be random. You could also take two sewn strips (four different fabrics), cut them into triangles and assemble using just those four different fabrics if you want. I actually think you use less fabric that way!
On Saturday, I headed over to Sandy's Quilt Shop and purchased my backing and sashing fabrics. I'm going to use the lighter color for the sashing on the front of the quilt, and the darker fabric will be my backing and binding.

Sunday really was a day of rest around here. Handsome and I took the dogs for a walk in our neighborhood. When we got back home, we pulled the cover off the pool and all four of us went swimming. It was a perfect way for the dogs to cool down, and we really enjoyed it, too.

I only spent enough time in the studio to cut more assembled strips for the quilt so that they'll be ready for me to make more blocks tomorrow. When I was finished with that, we gathered to watch football until dinner time. Dogs were fed and aired, we put on our riding gear and pushed out the Harleys to ride out for a meal. We even managed to avoid a rain shower that soaked our neighborhood while we were away! We got back home just in time for the kickoff of the Packers vs Vikings game. We've been in Florida for nearly ten years, but we'll always be Packers fans. (They won tonight! Yea!!!)

Thanks so much for your comments on this project. Just ask if you want to know something else, and I'll try not to be so wordy! I hope you each have a healthy and creative week, my friends. More tomorrow...

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Createology said...

Donna Dear you are always so helpful and generous with your knowledge. This quilt is coming together and looking so gorgeous. Happy week to you and Handsome and Kes and Fez.

Megan Chamberlain said...

Thank you for sharing your progress work on the next beautiful quilt. You make it look so easy, I want to make one. I love the colours and fabrics you are using for this quilt.

Rettabug said...

I'm enjoying looking over your shoulder on this one, Donna. The soft, muted colors in this quilt are so soothing & serene!

MosaicMagpie said...

I love all the visual interest with this quilt. As I have said before the pin wheels have a special place in my heart.

Jane said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for all the information and the wonderful tutorial on assembling the quilt.
Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. I saw where the Packers beat the Vikings. We lived outside of Milwaukee for a couple of years in Packer country and then we moved to the Minneapolis area for 3 years in Viking country. I never knew who to root for!

dixiesamplardesigns said...

Love the colors in that quilt Donna...what a beautiful and thoughtful "Thank You" gift!


Susan said...

Beautiful! She will be delighted.

Taylor Kay said...

Wow, this quilt will be gorgeous! I love the way all the pieces and triangles are organized :)

kathy said...

Your quilt is beautiful! You picked exactly the right fabrics for this project.

You were up late if you watched the Packer game last night! It was a pretty big deal here in Wisconsin, as you can imagine. Lots of sleepy people at work today - think they may have partied too hard last night! At least they were happy sleepy people.


Michelle May said...

It's beautiful girlfriend. I really love how it has come together. So soothing to me.
Ya know...I still think it is so darn cool that you ride a Harley and make quilts. You just totally rock!
xx, shell

Meri Wiley said...

Hello awesome lady,

Well if I was amazed at your skills from your last post, you totally lost me on this one!!! I couldn't keep up or keep it straight if you paid me, so in my book this makes you genius! Someday I want to visit and just bask in your knowledge. Seriously, I wish you were here so you could pump up my deflated brain cells.....you totally amaze me. Keep on creating those beautiful quilted pieces of art.

Love ya'

Marydon said...

G'eve Donna ~ Oh, what beautiful pooches!

I love the color of the fabrics you are using for this quilt creation. It is going to be a beauty.

I just wish I could get on a Harley, the wind whipping my hair, the joy & freedom of the ride ... never happen anymore.

Have a BOO-TEA-FUL week ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Jillayne said...

Thanks Donna - this post was very helpful. That ruler is probably the first non-standard ruler that has caught my interest. I'm usually pretty happy to just carry on using teh good old 6 x 24 but I think this one might just be a worthwhile investment. Thanks again!

Kris said...

Donna - This is going to be one gorgeous quilt!!! What a lucky hostess to receive such a special "Thank You" gift!!! Give the pups a big smooch for me!! :-)))

Beedeebabee said...

This is so gorgeous, and you make it sound easy...but I KNOW I wouldn't be able to do this! xoxo


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