August 4, 2009

Picking Up Hitchikers...

In Florida, if you turn your back for about, oh, three hours, nature will take over. As I'm not a gardener (as I've told you before), I'm the last one to volunteer for yard work. Actually, Handsome likes working in the yard. From time to time, I do help (I like pruning wild bushes and trees), but when it gets really hot, he's pretty much on his own out there. (You can find me in the studio.) Besides, he likes getting up early and I prefer to start my days later in the day. He gets the benefit of the slightly cooler weather that way.

This morning Handsome decided that the side yard needed weeding. He pulled all the unwanted growth out of the beds next to the house that are home to our hawthorne bushes. Those bushes have the sweetest-smelling, little, white flowers in the spring. When they're in bloom, not only does the yard smell heavenly, but if you open the windows in the evening, their gentle fragrance wafts into the house, too.

So anyway, today he headed out and started pulling weeds. When he was finished, the yard looked fab-u-lous, but Handsome had picked up a plethora of hitchikers. Someone's gonna pay with at least an hour of picking those darn things off his clothes! (Can you see how they're so thick that his shirt tails are even stuck to his shirt?) I don't know...It just doesn't seem fair to follow up hours of yard work with hours of "picking".

It was his suggestion that I grab the camera and make him and the hitchikers the subject of my post today. My cute gardener and his unwanted pests. You gotta love this guy...I sure do!
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PS. In honor of my 100th post, I've changed my blog header. What do you think?

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DeeDee said...

Oh my what are those...I don't think I would like yard work we get fire cannot stand still long enough to do any thing but run for water to get them off ...they can get to your knee caps in less than a second biting all the way...

after all that picking the yard looks awesome...

I like his name ..handsome...very cute.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Grandpa Steve to "carry on" in the early morning hours! What a wild card! Carrying on in the yard and even getting messy with the brambles! It's just not done!!!

Tell Grandpa we say hello and love you two much!

Liberty said...

I'm chuckling here at the burrs sticking to his shirt. Thanks for stopping by, you are always welcome! I love your new header! I feel so at home here!


Prince said...

Save one or two... I am kinda hungry...

FrenchGardenHouse said...

We're lucky to have handsome AND gardenloving husbands! Thanks so much for visiting me today! I have added your name to my give away...
hope you are having a happy day.
xoxo Lidy

Anonymous said...

Your new header is beautiful! I found you through ArtsyMama and the blogging for bliss party. Happy Belated Blog Party! I love hearing about Florida; it's so different from my state of Minnesota, but we have hitchhikers too.

Anonymous said...

oh my. your flowers are beautiful.
i LOvE the photos too.
we have a few things in common.
i love my yard and my flower beds, but
i'm not so fond of the yard work either.
i do like to trim the shrubs and bushes
too though. it's so therapeutic for me.

i hope you're having a great week. congrats on your 100th post.


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