July 16, 2010

P.A.W.S. Is The Cause...

I interrupt my playtime to write a potht for Mom today.
Hang on a thec. Gotta thpit out thith Kong toy firtht...
There. That's better!
Mom's busy shipping out the giveaway gifts and
finishing the quilt she's making for me the master
bedroom - you know, where Mom and Dad (and I) sleep at night.

I really enjoyed sneaking onto her laptop last time, so when she said
how busy she was, I jumped at the chance to write this post for her.

I want to tell you about a friend of Mom's.
Her name is Nancy Huggins and she has a
blog - Inside Nana's Head
Boutique - Huggins Haven
Nancy and her husband open their hearts and homes to dogs
and cats, and go the extra mile when their animals need extra care.
Recently, they needed an expensive course of treatment for
heartworm for their lab mix, Maggie. (She's doing much better now.)
Nancy had a special sale in her shop to raise the funds needed for
Maggie's care. Whatever it takes.

Nancy is having weekly sales in her shop and the "cause" is two-fold.
After one year in Alabama, she, her husband, four dogs and two cats
are going to move back to the state they know and love - Illinois.

They are raising money to fund the move, but the needs of
un-homed dogs and cats are never far from their mind.

Not only are her items marked down to sell, but
for every sale in Nancy's shop, she'll donate 10% to
PAWS - Pets Are Worth Saving

Please visit Huggin's Haven
to check out her items. Perhaps you'll see something
you'd like to have for yourself, or give as a gift.
Nancy will also accept cash donations which she will
forward to P.A.W.S. Mom found a great pincushion, and
added a little extra to her purchase to go for "the cause".
(EDIT: Please read the "comments" for info on how to contact Nancy.)
Don't forget those pets less fortunate than the lucky pets in Blogland.
Click on the Animal Rescue Site button
on our Brynwood's sidebar to give free food to rescue pets.
Doesn't cost a thing. Really! You can click on it all day, every day.
A click a day keeps the hungries away.
Geez Louise! I think I hear Mom coming.
Gotta run!
Until next time...
(Mom will be back tomorrow!)

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Shelly said...

Beautiful Music, Crafts and a love for Animals? That is why I love your blog, Donna Girl! You have a heart, style and love that is SO special!!
Okay,,where again do I send a check for the animals? LOL Email me an addy!

Oh and Pssssssssst! Because I did it for a while, even after I followed her blog/met her at a craft store while in a whirlwind....But note? Because she's accepted it , because SO many of us DO/DID it..."My Sweet Savannah"? She's a local to me and Cindy of "Haley's Cottage" is my friend and neighbor. But for the record? Its Melaine....Not Melanie!
Me-Laine. No prob.....she's used to it and lets it "pass" in conversation and in posts! Just thought I'd share!

Have a great weekend! And send/forward a donation addy!

Hugs and love!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks a million, Shelly! I corrected Melaine's name on the giveaway post AND the Current Giveaways page.

Also, I've sent you an email with information on contacting Nancy. If anyone else is interested, you can email her directly: nancy.huggins@gmail.com

Payments can be made to her via PayPal using the same email address (Click "Make a Payment", then click "Personal" then "Gift" and fill in amount).Please send her a separate email after payment to let her know it's there and waiting for her.

If you'd rather pay by personal check, she can give you her address through the same email.

Thanks again, Shelly for asking, and for Melaine's correct spelling.


Liszha said...

What a sweet dog! Give him (or is it a her?) a big hug from me and my two cats!

DeeDee said...

hehehe! I think Kes needs a blog..I laughed to hard ..the pictures are perfect...hehehe! I a m still smiling...I love Nancy and her fight for the cause...

I love my resuce doggies and donate lots in thier names...we caught flees visiting the local shelter to give dog food last week...let bennie play in the feield with them..not from the other dogs but from the wet field they live by...

I love posts from, kes...have a good weekend y'all

Our Back Porch said...

Just found you from my sweet friend, Rebecca's blog! We have so much in common. I LOVE this post! Come by if you get a chance.

Back Porch Blessings,

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hey Kes, How is that top secret mission to get your own blog coming along?
Belle and Havok want to know, as they plan on starting up one of their own soon.

Winnie (the cat) thinks blogs are small potatoes....she's holding out for world domination. ;-)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Michelle May said...

Kessie you are such a good helper. I think you did an excellent job getting the word out on such a good cause. Razzy and Sugie think you deserve an extra treat.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

A cause very near and dear to my heart. I too have the Animal Rescue site button on my blog and we have rescued all our fur babies. I am off now to visit her Boutique!


nancy huggins said...

I tried to leave a comment in here twice yeaterday and computer froze both times..I wanted to thank you very much for your help and support and your purchase and donation..It does mean a lot to me and I truly appreciate you.
My back is still real bad and my right arm but I go back to chiro on Tues..Hope I am all repaired soon so I can finish packing :)
Give Tes a big hug from the girls :)


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