July 28, 2010

I Have A New "Dress"...

Well? What do you think? My new dress design is complete and Karen (my blog heroine) uploaded it today. You may have noticed that I kept my same header. I want to be able to change that element out from time to time, rather than have a different one forever. I also love that my typeface is larger. It makes it easier to read, don't you agree? I really like the way everything turned out...especially my sweet acorns! Do you love my new look? Is is me?

You can click on Karen's image above to go to her design website. She offers a lot of different service, from the tiny favicon in my url box (the little acorn replaces the Blogger "B"), to the little elements that now appear between my posts. Have fun shopping! I'm sure you're going to find something you need to have for your blog. Thank you, Karen!!!
My "Charmed, I'm Sure" quilt is finished. I added the binding yesterday, and sewed my custom label on the back.
I use a washable cotton fabric for my labels. Mine were purchased through Blick Art Materials website (here) and made sure I got the cotton that could be washed. No quilt is truly finished until you sew the label on it. Now, off to finish my lavender "Faerie Glen" quilt!

I haven't finished loading the rest of the tutorial into my Flickr album yet. I think I took close to 30 photos to help show how I apply the binding, but I promise to do it today! Hope you accomplish something creative today.

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Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

You're right Donna, the acorns are definitely you! :-)
And I love that you'll still be doing your own headers, I think that's an important aspect to retain, especially when the images are as beautiful as yours.

Just lovely!


Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Hi Donna:) Of course I like your new dress, and I'm liking those lil buttons and doohickeys for blogs too. I'll have to check these things out.
My apologies for not visiting much. I must make special time for going on blog rounds as I love visiting all you sweet gals. I'm gonna try and do better:)

Lynn Stevens said...

OHHHH Girl you are stylin! and yes its you! Love the acorns and the labels at the top. Karen did a fantastic job for you!

I also wanted to Thank you for the most precious ATC I received in the mail. Its so special, as are you my friend, Thank you so much Donna, It will hold a special place in my studio. I will share it on my blog later this week for everyone to enjoy!
hugs Lynn

Mandy said...

Many congratulations on the new look. This will certainly make it easier for all your readers to be able to explore.
The acorns are certainly splendid and reflect the "you" we have all come to know.
So glad you chose to keep the heading.

The Farmer's Attic said...

Looks wonderful Donna!!! Truly you!

Paula said...

Just beautiful! Karen did an awesome job...love your little acorns, so cute!

Carol said...

You look Mauuuvelllouuuu!!

Thank you for my ATC. Its my first ever and I LOVE it.
xx, Carol

Cat said...

Lovely lovely lovely, it all is lovely! Your blog design and your quilt... and your quilts label!

Your totally "B" day in the post before sounds like a bit much on the excitment scale... especially the bobcat part!!!

Have a great day, Cat

Diane said...

Love it, Donna. Feminine, soft!
Love the little acorns, sweet touch!

MosaicMagpie said...

I had so much fun checking out your new digs. The blog looks fantastic and is YOU! Love all the pages and acorns.

Zuzu said...

Gorgeous colors & background and it's so easy to find everything now! Beautiful!!!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Donna,

Stunning, lovely, beautiful.....just like you. Your blog is truly a reflection of yourself now.....generously charming and pretty. Love that quilt, again it's just lovely. Have a wonderful day missy.

Love ya'

P.S. You have inspired me once again. I am attempting to re-create an old backpack type bag I had. I tore the old one apart, created new patterns and chose fun and bright colored fabrics (in like a canvas texture) and I will be decorating it with a custom created label on the outside. I'll post about it when I get it done.

Sandra said...

Love the new design and how easy it is to read, thank you!

Claudia said...

Looks great, Donna! Every girl needs a new dress now and then.


Jillayne said...

It's lovely Donna! I very much like the colours and of course the acorns are just perfect. I enjoy your blog so much!

The French Bear said...

It looks beautiful...so you with those sweet acorns!!!
I just love Karen's designs, she is one talented girl...like you!!! I really am loving the little quilt you made, makes me want to makes some for my girls!!!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Long time no read! I'm finally feeling a little caught up since my Colorado vacation. I just read your old posts, how cool are you to do that tutorial for Zuzu! You are so generous Donna! I'm printing that out. I think I told you that my goal is to make my first quilt & I'm petrified. Also, your police story had me rolling. Love the new look. I think it's so great that you have a logo or icon whatever you call it that is just all you! The acorn lets people know immediately that it's you & I love the way it's incorporated into your whole blog. Lisa

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I DID notice the change - looks terrific, Donna. :) It's very you. :) And congrats on finishing up the quilt - it's completely gorgeous. Theresa :)

Createology said...

Your new look is very you, especially with your signature acorn designs. Simply elegant my dear. Happy creating...

Liszha said...

I recieved the ATC today and just had to tell you it is adorable! I just bought a new stand and gonna put it in it as decoration.
Thanks, thanks, thanks! You are so sweet!

Denise said...

Donna, I have to agree with Carol! Thank you...now a question for all of you experienced ATC ladies. How do you display/store them? Thanks in advance. Love the new look, so stylin' !

The Rustic Victorian said...

It looks wonderful Donna. Karen is a natural, I need an update myself.
Pretty Quilt,soft sweet fabrics.

marie said...

Your blog looks wonderful. Love the sweet little acorns ~ especially the post dividers! The ribbon with an acorn is so cute!

I like that you're keeping the option of changing headers too ~ your current one is beautiful!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Love, Love, Love the new blog look. Though I loved the old one too. I've been wanting tabs for different categories too. Loving the "Charmed, I'm Sure" quilt. It's so pretty and looks so comforting.

Hugs...Tracy :)


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