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What I'm Sewing Now...

Handsome is a percussionist (he prefers "rhythmist") with the 
Suncoast Concert Band and The Jazz Ambassadors in Sarasota, FL; 
the Venice Concert Band and Goodtime Groove in Venice, FL. 
Not only is he my heartbeat - he's theirs, too.
You can click on any of the following links to see him perform:
Mug Mats...
My Mug Mats

My Completed Knit/Crochet Projects 
My completed Knitting/Crochet Projects
(Three years later and her hat still fits!)

 Liam's Christening Gown - June 7, 2010
The newest baby in our family.
The Christening gown is fashioned after his mother's
wedding gown (Jennifer) created in August, 2008.

You can click on this link to see the gifts I created 
between November 30th and December 25th, 2009.

It's so much fun to share with others.

I've been collecting acorns since the late 1980s.
You can see my collection here.

Acorn gifts sent to me by my generous online friends.

I was born in England, and have favorites.

I hope you enjoy looking at my collection. 
I love pincushions!

Click on this link to see all the pincushions 
I've created myself. 
Some are available for sale in the Brynwood Boutique.

My search for the flock in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Follow my construction process and a few baby pictures.

Follow the entire process from fabric purchase to celebration! 

Always hoping I don't say something silly!