November 1, 2015

A Wallet Down The Rabbit Hole...

Brynwood Needleworks - Alice
It's hard to believe November is already under way. I am going to be busy in the studio this month in an effort to beat the holiday rush this year.

This week will be a week of finishes. I've already put the final touches on the Hedwig socks; final work will be done on the commissioned machine embroidery today; also, I'll make another requested "Baa Baa" project tote in gray linen; and then, an Alice wallet for another client. 
My plan is to have these items finished by Wednesday, and then I'll be sprinkling in more pieces before the end of the week. 
November will surely be exciting, and I promise I'll be sharing everything along the way. I hope to share some of my processes with you, too. Stay tuned. I might even toss in a giveaway!
Tag will be back tomorrow. I'll be back on Wednesday!

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Jacque. said...

I made some Christmas gifts before I left Madison, so I don't really have many to make this year. Not going all out with only giving handmade things. I will definitely be keeping an eye on what you're making, though. xo

Createology said...

Sounds like you will have a very delightful November...if that mischievous looking little squirrel doesn't throw nut shells at you.
Let the season begin...


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