Our Dogs

DC's Starfire Bryn
 (04/09/85 - 01/26/98)
It all started with my first Labrador retriever, Bryn.
She was Kes' grandmother.

All the dogs we've loved before...
(l-r) Bee, Samantha Rose, Kyra, Morgan, Bryn, Bannor and MacDuff.
Gone but never forgotten Our pets make our lives whole, and when
the time comes that they must leave us, they leave a hole in our lives.
It's the price we must pay for their unabashed, generous and endless love.

 DC's Starfire Bannor
(05/26/88 - 01/19/2004)
Bryn's son and my boy.
We spent many days together in Wisconsin fields, and he also enjoyed
the Florida sunshine in his "retirement". He was the dog who captured
my heart. There will be other dogs, but never be another Bannor.

Morgan of Hawk Hill
Handsome's boy, Kes' dad.
(02/20/94 - 11/03/06)
Morgan was a memorable, intelligent, talented hunting dog, and goofball.
He was a determined and no-nonsense working guy who easily slipped
into the role of easy-going, fun and loveable companion for our family.
He passed on his daughter's birthday, and is still missed every day.

 (Click on Kes' name to see more of our pet photos.)
(11/03/97 - 08/09/11)

...and then there was 
Fezzik Inconceivable
(06/10/10 - 04/29/11)
He brightened our days his whole, short life.
(Click on his name to see a photo album of how
he enriched our lives the short time he was with us.)
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 Brynwood's Taggart
aka "Tag"
(Born 04/03/11)
Tag came to live with us in July of 2011. It's hard to believe he's already nine!
You can read all about his life and adventures in his weekly Tuesdays With Tag posts.

 Liljegren's Suncoast Bella
(Born 02/22/15)
Because Handsome was missing having a dog of his own - and Tag needed someone
to keep him on his toes - she needed to live with us. Bella's been a part of our family
since the first day she came home (04/20/15). Don't let the sweet face fool you.
Bella is fierce!

 Liljegren's Suncoast Carly
 (Born 04/27/2020)
Bella had a litter of puppies in April 2020. We kept one of her daughters and named her
Carly. She's a beautiful, motivated girl, and it's going to be difficult to tell them apart once
she's grown up. Like her mama, Carly is smart and fierce. Tag sure has his paws full!